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Jarvis Williams : We Defeated Michigan's Islamic Governor Candidate & Eric Golub Comedy- 3/5

Jarvis Williams: How We Defeated Michigan's Islamic Governor Candidate

Jarvis Williams Bio

Jarvis Williams, a regular at Tea Party Manatee, for the last three years has been immersed as a patriot, a modern day Paul Revere, along with a team of activists who are warning and educating law enforcement and civilian leaders that Sharia (cultural Islamic law) is consuming and in the process of destroying our wonderful nation.

He was part of a team of Michigan activists who were joined by professionals from other states to plan a strategy to defeat Sharia-compliant Michigan governor candidate Abdul El-sayd. Abdul is supported by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jarvis is the founder of Detection Systems and Engineering Company of Troy, Michigan. His company provides design, installation and service of large-scale security systems for the protection of industrial, commercial, municipal, banking and a host of other special-needs markets mainly in the state of Michigan, as well as ancillary facilities throughout the western states.

His company is currently operated by his son Gerald Williams.

Williams holds a degree in electrical engineering from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Here's some of what you missed with Jarvis

Jarvis Williams: How We Defeated Michigan’s Muslim Governor Candidate

  • Jarvis said his group worked with Tom Trento’s United West to defeat Abdul El-Sayed in 2018.
  • When Abdul announced his campaign, he said, “My Islamic values are at the center of my civic work.” He also said, in areas of Michigan, “we are the victims of Islamaphobia.”
  • Jarvis said, Abdul was a member of the Muslim Students. Their pledge includes these points: “I will die to establish Islam” and “My goal is paradise.” Jarvis noted that “Mohammed
  • said the only way to get into paradise is to kill infidels.”
  • What to do? Pray. Call your congress members. Ask to get CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood (again) designated terrorist organizations. Jarvis said, “We have a very active site.” Go to for resources and information.


Eric Golub : Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian.

Here's some of what you missed with Eric

A few tidbits from this funny guy:

  • Eric played a 14 second recorded he said he’d deliberately edited to show AOC in a nutshell and modern liberalism today. The first 7 seconds were silence. The rest was AOC saying, “I…don’t…think.” Eric: “That says it all.”
  • “The only thing bullies (Liberals) understand is force. So here are some ideas:”
  • They’re for gun control—So take all guns away from liberals.
  • They’re for higher taxes—so take the higher taxes from them and give them to conservatives. If they fight, remember point 1.
  • Compromise on illegal immigration—Give amnesty to all Hispanics here illegally! They work hard. In exchange for each one, deport one rich white liberal
  • Eric noted his grandparents live in the Miami area. The granddad keeps saying, “We’ve got to close the border….I mean the northern Florida border…those NY liberals keep coming in.”
  • Eric’s 2020 election winning advice: Ask liberals what they care about. Listen to them. And show them how tea party conservatism supports what they care about.

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 6:00pm

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