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John Lofgren/Vic Rohe Debate Convention of States PLUS TPMs Tweeting Tips - 4/24

Special Bonus - Tweeting Tips; a short (10 min) review of using Twitter to influence our government officials.

Tom Whitaker:

For over 35 years, Tom has pursued his career goal to effectively serve clients & donors with excellence, while having maximum Kingdom impact. This started when as a first-semester law student, he was a Founder and the first Coordinator of the Christian Legal Society chapter at Stetson Law School, as well as a member of Stetson’s first Mock Trial Team his senior year.

In the decades following graduation, Tom served as an Assistant State Attorney, engaged in a very active trial practice in the Tampa Bay Area (becoming a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and Supreme Court Certified Mediator), and transitioned into an exclusive estate planning practice characterized by the counseling-oriented approach supported by the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and WealthCounsel. Tom brought his passion for being client counseling focused when he joined Thompson & Associates in 2013 to work with nonprofit organizations and their donors through charitable estate planning. As a result of their growing relationship through their membership as Kingdom Advisors and attending the annual conferences, “in the fullness of time” Tom joined Jeff Rogers and Stewardship Legacy Coaching in 2017 as their Vice President of Planned Giving.

Tom earned his JD degree from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida, and his Bachelor of Arts from The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and North Carolina (inactive). He is a Fellow in Charitable Estate Planning (FCEP) from the Charitable Estate Planning Institute. As an attorney member of Kingdom Advisors, America's premier organization of Christian financial advisors, Tom is active in leadership to increase Kingdom collaboration in serving donors and clients. He and Jeff recently co-presented at the Kingdom Advisors' Annual Conference on the topic of Planned Giving's Role in Biblical Stewardship: A Modern Day Joseph's Strategy.

Since 1989, Tom and Chris have called Bradenton home, and will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. They are active members of Bayside Community Church. They share a love for the Carolinas (Tom was born in North Carolina and Chris in South Carolina), and along with their son, Thomas, often travel to western North Carolina to hike, golf, and otherwise soak in the mountains together as a family.

Tom's passion for the US Constitutional Republic form of government, coupled with being involved in politics from an early age (his father served Hillsborough County for over a decade as a member of the House and Senate), has resulted in his active roles in the Convention of States movement. He first served as District Captain for Florida House District 71 (Jim Boyd), and last year accepted the challenge to serve as the Regional Captain of Region 8 that includes 10 House Districts in SW Florida, including Manatee and Sarasota Counties south. He is also part of the Speakers' Bureau of the Florida Bar, and currently speaking on the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission that is well into their process this year which occurs every 20 years. He recently spoke to the Sarasota League of Women Voters on the CRC: It's That Time Again!

John Lofgren John Lofgren, Media Liaison Team with COS Florida, recently got his letter to the editor place in the Naples Daily News.

Are you one of the many concerned Americans still wondering:

If the economy is recovered, why are interest rates still so low?
Why do congressmen get a slush fund to pay off sexual abuse accusers?
Why is the criminal behavior in banks now resulting in fines instead of prosecutions?
Why is the dialogue in politics and society becoming so coarse and dishonest?
How can the Supreme Court make such outrageously unconstitutional rulings?

Well, now there is one group in America with a strategic plan big enough to answer these questions. We have the power fix them – now. And we must act – now.

There is a legal solution for us, the American public; it is called the Convention of States Project. Twelve states and 3.5 million people have now signed up. The tide of voices is coming together: “This is no way to run a nation. The inevitable corruption of centralized power is endangering everything good our ancestors fought to preserve.”

Together, we can restrain the Supreme Court to making rulings based on what the legislators’ law intended. In parallel, we can have 50 states, with two parties in each state, trying 100 different ideas for protecting rights and ending corruption.

Together, we can implement term limits. Together, we can give Washington a chance to be virtuous again by limiting the federal government to doing what the Constitution empowers it to do.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 6:00pm

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