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The Rape Of The Sabine Women

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 4:19pm

Take a close look at the feature picture, the Rape Of The Sabine Women. Are you offended? Save your fork. It gets better. I’d like to begin by saying that I don’t have a thin skin. I’ve been writing about politics virtually all of my life, and especially the last eight years. Doc Greene drafted me from my back porch and I began to do pieces for his show on Raging Elephants which he still feeds from American Voice Radio, and where I do a weekly segment. I’m well versed in trapping people in their own words, angering them into stupid pronouncements, and supporting any position, if I agree with it or not. Welcome to the world do op/ed journalism. Pleased to meet you. Won’t you guess my name.

Even though I usually show mercy on “civilians,” over the weekend, with a sufficient supply of libations, I had intense discussions with several people about the current confirmation process going on in Washington. They were nicely opinionated. I mean, they had CNN to back them up. Now, I always approach such things lightly. I input some humor to disarm the opponent, try to keep the language reasonably clean so as to stay out of Facebook Jail, and pull out when the conversation gets redundant or too abusive. Pulling out is not very manly, I know, but after what I do them on line during a debate I would not want to leave any Cyber DNA behind. But this weekend I hung in there, however, after all the threats, and I learned some things. What I learned was that most Americans don’t have any sense. Statements like that are going to rub some people the wrong way, but they need to be rubbed if our Republic is going to survive. We need to not base our conclusions on CNN, MSNBC, and yes, the Holy Grail of the conservatives, the much venerated Fox News Network. The American public is at present, no different than the Nazi rallies, all saluting and shouting mantras fed to them by the party, ever which party that may be.

Last night I penned an article for the Trib, which topped the front page this morning, and went into distribution. In “Two Drunk Girls Walked Into A Party” as usual, I mixed in humor, but also a lot of good, Texas common sense that I learned from MY grandmother. My grandfather was a Mississippi Riverboat gambler. My Uncles were pretty fair hold up men, small stores mainly, and two of them joined the army to avoid prosecution. Man’s gotta do something for a living. All these people knew the cold, hard facts of life and one of those facts was that if you are a teenage girl, and you show up at a beer bust full of teenage boys after dark, and subsequently get stupid enough to drink with them then you will most likely not be involved in reciting the Rosary. Though, in the words of the prophet John Fogarty, Jody might get religion all night long. Now, I’m sorry to be the first one to tell you young virgins that, but having been in many such prayer sessions, myself, I can attest that a form of communion is pretty much in the air at such events.

The members of the committee all know this. Even Dianne Feinstein, though her recollection may be a bit more remote than others. Those hypocrites sitting up there, peering over their glasses sacramoniously, acting like this is the crime of the century need to take that two by four out of their eye before they try to remove a thirty-six year old speck from anyone else’s! They take the moral high ground, of which there is none in Washington DC, it’s a swamp, and expound upon virtues that have been long gone since Booth blew Lincoln’s brains out , if they were ever really there at all. The virtues, not Lincoln’s brains.The #METOO movement is all very fine, and gets good mileage, but in the long run compared to the NFL nobody cares, baby. These are simple truths YOUR grandmother should have taught YOU.

That just made you mad, didn’t it? It’s easier to get mad, and quote sound bites you heard from Bill Mahr than to listen, and reason things out. I just attacked the Holy of Holies. Thousands of abused women and girls crying for justice. Well, let me clue you in. Even truckers out there who have picked up tons of teenage runaways at truck stops will stiffen in righteous indignation as long as their wives are looking at them. Little different down at the Flying J at three AM. Not that truckers are bad. They are human! On the road, alone, for days at a time, pick up a hitchhiker who takes a few sips out of a bottle, and crawls back in the bunk for the night. Next day you slip her a twenty dollar bill at the next truck stop and you part friends. He won’t change her, and she won’t change him. And the Judicial Committee won’t change human nature. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the real world of boys and girls. I still remember, at thirteen years old, slipping under a slide at the playground and kissing Pam Dent. It was only a smack, but I knew that if I could figure this out everything else was gonna be alright!

Judge Kavanaugh did not tie Ms Ford to a bed, buck naked, and sodomize her. We all know that. She admits she was drunk. That’s no huge sin. She was a kid. But so was Kavanaugh. She put herself into that situation. No one grabbed her off the street, shoved her into a van, and took her to a remote barn. No matter what occurred, when she decided to leave she just left. Three or four boys there, and at least one other girl, and no one stopped her. Her friend didn’t see fit to leave with her. If the so called attack had been soooo brutal, why didn’t “friend” chastise Kavanaugh or anybody else, but instead remained at the party. In my opinion Christine Ford was what is known as a “wall flower.” And that’s cool. Wall Flowers end up pushing their glasses back up their noses and giving speeches at graduation. Good little girls go to heaven. Bad little girls get to go everywhere else.

Sexual relations really are “Fifty Shades of Grey.” And fifty shades of black, white, pink, yellow, red, or any other color a man can talk into a bed. If that were not true then that book would not be a best seller. To inhibit sexuality unreasonably is like a dam holding back water. If you let a little water out occasionally then things go according to plan, but if you stop it up eventually it WILL get out with disastrous consequences. By the way, eighty percent of our dams are on that junction in the country right now.

Back in the Middle Ages some Pope came up with the cockamamie idea that priests should not be married, and remain celibate. That worked for up to about a week, and then they started screwing little girls, little boys, and just about anything else that couldn’t walk, run, or fly away, BUT they didn’t get married. Praise the Lawd!

Men and boys, and yes, women and girls react to social stimulus. The drive to procreate is second only to hunger. If you want to take a moral high ground form #NOTME and put controls on the huge porn industry bleeding out of Hollywood that puts thoughts in young peoples’ heads they’d never have learned down on the farm or even at home in a flat in New York City. No less than Ted Bundy, just hours before his execution, laid his victim’s bodies squarely at the feet of the porn industry.

This is human nature, and human nature is not far removed from monkey nature. Religion, law, and morals will only take us so far. This having been said a moral atmosphere in that party that night prevailed. Did the kids drink? Yes they did. Was there most likely some touching going on? Most likely. Was anyone beaten, raped, or killed? You know the answer.

So, why do otherwise civilized people communicating on social media reduce themselves to the level of monkeys when discussing these things? You must remember that you, and I do NOT know all the facts. You know what your flavor of news service TELLS you to know, and I know what my supporters tell me. The barometer is Grandmother’s common sense. Stating groundless “facts” will not sway anyone’s opinion. Calling Judge Kavanuagh a pervert does not necessarily make it so. Calling Ms Ford a victim does not canonize her. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, both of these people were human that night so long ago and remain so until this day!

Solutions and social progress are achieved by civil discourse among persons with differing opinions. The framers of the constitution most likely couldn’t agree on lunch, but they penned a document so strong it endures to this day. When it was all done they all supported President Washington, even if they disagreed with him on certain policies. And yes, those guys had most likely been to parties with young girls. Let us reason together. It will make none of us any difference if Brett Kavanuagh is seated on the Supreme Court. I dare say that none of you will closely follow his career, or even understand his opinions. What matters is that we come through as reasonable human beings, conscious of our human frailties and more than that, our human virtues. We must end this tribalism imposed upon us by huge entertainment entities dedicated to their enrichment, and our detriment. Extend the olive branch of understanding or consign America to the rubbish heap of history. Don’t you realize that we are not yet three hundred years old. It took Rome that long just to fall. If we fall now, in a thousand years we won’t be a footnote in a child’s history book, and if we are it will be a funny one at that. We have all sinned. We have all fallen short of the glory.

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Two Drunk Girls Walked Into a Party

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:53am

I don’t normally engage in Facebook debates, but I did today. Why? Well, it was Sunday, and I was drinking martinis. Facebook debates go nowhere. They’re like having your brother in law over for Thanksgiving dinner. But, I jumped into one. I use Facebook for one ramp out of many. I do NOT put my eggs in the basket of some kid out in California who got lucky with a dating site.

So, what was so interesting that I felt like it would brighten my cocktail? The confirmation of a Supreme Court justice. Now THAT’S exciting. About as exciting as taking your sister to the senior prom, unless your from Arkansas of course. First and foremost Brett Kavanuagh is about as interesting as vanilla ice cream. He went to a Catholic School, saved all his calendars and never changed wives. I seriously didn’t think they made those anymore.

Now what do you think the big deal is? Back in 2016 the Democratic Party lost their entire ass. Check the papers. I’m telling you the truth. So they had to make a big fuss to distract from the fact that they have screwed the pooch and they seize upon what? The boring confirmation hearing of a middle of the road judge who never broke an egg.

How far did they dig? A party between a bunch of drunk high school kids. Dianne Feinstein was who done it. That’s because she hasn’t been laid since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Look at her. If that facelift knot comes loose she’ll have to unbutton her blouse to brush her teeth. But she’s the moral compass for the committee. Democrat! Dead baby in every pot. Gay sex taught to third graders. Running her home state on hot checks. Yeah, HER!

Here’s the situation. Two girls decide to go to a party and get drunk with a bunch of boys. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, they’re every bit of fifteen, sixteen? So they’re romping around in the bed, and by and by SOMEone touches a pootie poo. I’m SURE that’s where no man has gone before. Girl gets upset and skedaddles out the door, leaving her friend behind who continues to party her pretty little ass off. Thirty six years later she don’t remember nothing. That’s because she ain’t telling the MAN nothing. I like her.

So time and tears go by and there’s this hearing. What to do? Democrats gotta have something. So little Miss Holier Than Thou gives this letter to Senator Reptile Bait for safe keeping. Why? If she didn’t want anyone to hear about it, why write it down? Of course the senator promised to keep it a secret, which she did right up until the right moment when she she let it leak to anyone who’d listen, and then stood back snake amazed as the story in the papers.

Here comes Pound Me Too. I’m old school. Back in my day the # sign meant “pound” so I spell it out. Hillary slips in. She knows all about screwing drunk young girls. Ford spills her guts but her witnesses can’t remember even being at that party, BUT we gotta have an investigation. Then The whole thing is put on hold while the FBI gets the facts. Hope they do better than they did when the school teacher took off with one of his students a few years back. A hippy caught him.

All of this ended up on Facebook. And, like a fool, I got involved. I knew better, but the whole thing was so stupid, and I was drunk so I’m like, “What the hell?” I came on like a gentleman. Someone suggested that I be sodomized by a priest. I prefer nuns. Then someone asked about the time I was molested. Well, there was this time with Sally Taylor, but I’m not sure who molested who. Now this is serious political discussion on Facebook, folks. These are the people who voted for Hillary.

Ok, I egged them on. I mean, when you run into that much stupid, it’s Sunday, and you got martinis? And they always come at you saying you have problems. I DO have problems. All my high school drunk dates kept their mouths shut, so what’s YOUR problem?

Democrats! These are your representatives. You PAY these people. They are actually spending YOUR money investigating a high school beer party. Nobody was raped. Nobody got a DWI. Nobody got a parking ticket. Wise up. I know you hate Trump. I got that. Deal with it. I’m sorry if Ms Ford is upset because her friend was prettier than her. And, from what I’ve seen, time has not been kind to her. Let it go. If Kavanaugh don’t get in somebody else will. Know what’ll happen the next day? Two Drunk Girls Walked Into a party. Happens all the time.

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Time For a Little Background on Christine Ford

Sun, 09/30/2018 - 2:01pm

The Skinny on Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey-Ford, the 51-year-old woman who has come out of the woodwork at the last minute, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to sexually assault her as a teenager, has a brother who worked for a law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the primary “fixer” for the Clintons and the DNC.

Ralph Blasey, brother of Christine Blasey-Ford, worked as a Litigation Partner for Baker Hostetler, a law firm that retained Fusion GPS, the infamous D.C. company that produced the unverified Steele dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, sparking the whole Russian collusion, special-counsel investigation.

In January, Yahoo Finance explained the role Baker Hostetler played in the Deep State’s attempts to bring down the duly elected President of the United States:

How did Baker Hostetler become a supporting character in the geopolitical drama over Russian meddling in the U.S. election, with possible implications for the fate of the Trump administration? The simple version? It was partly a matter of luck. The firm was tapped beginning in at least 2013 to defend a Cypriot company, Prevezon Holdings Ltd., against U.S. money laundering accusations. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016—reportedly with the intent to provide information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—was also working for Prevezon.

And Fusion GPS, the company that produced the infamous Steele dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, was also retained by Baker Hostetler amid the Prevezon litigation.

Just when you thought we had plumbed the depths of the D.C. swamp, we find that the swamp goes deeper, much deeper, yet. The sheer audacity of the dirty tricks Democrats are prepared to employ right now, months before the midterms, is mind-boggling.

The fact Christine Blasey-Ford’s brother worked for Baker Hostetler could be a mere coincidence. But when the number of “coincidences” in the case of Kavanaugh’s accuser are added up, a picture of enemy action begins to become clear.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” — Ian Fleming.

Let’s pause and recap. The accuser’s parents were foreclosed by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother. The accuser’s husband has worked for the primary “fixer” for Hillary and the DNC. The accuser is a leftist academic who made no mention of the current accusation for three decades. The accusation was known by Diane Feinstein for months but withheld until after the hearings were over.

Are these facts all coincidences? Or are we witnessing enemy action in progress?

Of course, mainstream media claims there is nothing remotely suspicious about any of the above facts. Having said that, mainstream media would prefer you didn’t know about those facts, just in case they equip you with the ability to make up your own mind about the issue of whether the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are credible or not.

God forbid you actually take in all of the relevant information, weigh up the case, and decide for yourself.

After all, it is the role of mainstream media to tell you what to think. At least according to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

But be cautious here. The Democrats are experts at producing dirt-bombs and metastasizing them through their media minions. If this one doesn’t work before the midterms, they most definitely have many more up their sleazy sleeves.

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This Is Our Wounded Knee

Sat, 09/29/2018 - 8:06pm

This Is Our Wounded Knee

Yesterday I put up an article on a liberal Facebook page.

Little Red Caps

It was an article of reason, of reconciliation, of understanding. It extended the olive branch, and invited discussion, and possible debate. The only response was that I didn’t believe in God, I needed to be raped by priests, and that Judge Kavanuagh was a child molester.

We have been reduced to a nation of savages. The great experiment has failed, and it would be better had we never been here at all for we have made no difference, and people in their selfish self interest can only see as far as their private parts.

In God We Trust is printed on our money, but it is not God in Whom we trust, but the money that it’s printed on. Only after the last glass of clean water is drank, after the last breath of clean air is breathed, and after the last baby is buried will we understand that you simply cannot eat money.

No longer will America rise to the occasion to invent new machines to make work easier, and more productive. No longer will our people freely express ideas. No longer with two young men toil endlessly in a garage in California to put the world in the palm of our hands. No longer will a boy steal a kiss from a girl without serious legal ramifications.

We do not trust in God. If we did we wouldn’t legalize perversion. We wouldn’t murder the innocents by the millions, and sell their body parts to the highest bidder. We wouldn’t have our language bastardized by lawyers. We wouldn’t expel that same God we “trust” from our schools so we can teach our children perverted sex, and then have the government take them and place them in homes to practice what they have learned.

America IS lost. We say we want to preserve the constitution, but can’t even agree on a sentence with one comma saying we have the right to preserve our lives. We can’t even agree on restrooms where pedophiles are invited now to observe little girls.

Like Rome, we, the citizens of this abomination are doomed until the slavers come, and completely erase our “Manifest Destiny.” We have become tribes, huddled in our lodges, breathing death upon all other tribes, until we are the last tribe left, and then the end will come.

This is what we have bequeathed to our children, and grandchildren. Don’t worry about our great grandchildren because they won’t even remember who we were. By then all the statues WILL be pulled down. All the books WILL be burned, and any idea of the government by the people, of the people, and for the people will simply be a myth, laying somewhere near Atlantis. We are the new Native Americans, and this is our Wounded Knee.

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Little Red Caps

Sat, 09/29/2018 - 2:32pm


Red Baseball Caps. This nation has been divided into tribes, and Red Baseball caps. As a Republican I’m supposed to believe Democrats want a dead fetus in every pot, and Democrats are expected to believe that I want to catapult someone’s eighty year old grandmother back over the border to Mexico. To coin a phrase America is fifty shades of grey.

My partner, Brother Theo, is a Liberal Democrat. If he could he’d close every abortion clinic in the country. I have worked with many undocumented aliens and wouldn’t call ICE for love or money. Oh, and I’m expected to wear a Red Baseball Cap to church. I don’t wear baseball caps. That’s why my son is bald, and I am not.

What muddies the water is ignorance. I have someone who calls me constantly. This person has actually asked me why President Trump doesn’t fire Nancy Pelosi! Comments like that disturb me more than anything you’ve said today. We must educate everyone on what makes America AMERICA! People elected to office are expected to support the views of their constituents. Walking out of a committee before the roll call is not dancing with the ones who brung you. That’s a childish temper fit.

If a candidate wins an election, or a nominee gets confirmed is beyond our control. We, as individuals, bring our opinions to the polls. If we win then hooray for our side. If we lose then work harder next time. The Russians didn’t do it, George Soros didn’t do it, and the KKK didn’t do it. The votes did it. If you can’t accept that then go back to education. We live in a republic, not a democracy.

There was an election, I believe in Alabama. I had people hitting me about pushing the Republican. They didn’t even notice the Democrat was more conservative. We have gone past judging the content of character and retreated to tribes, and Little Red Caps. We stopped reading the issues and instead concentrated on little “rs” and “ds.” That fits the mentality of the times, I guess.

This tribal mentality has got to stop! I agree with my Facebook friend, Kent Franks MOST of the time. He has pictures of my granddaughter on his Facebook page. He also has an opinion, and I think him referring to me as a Tang Drinker is hilarious. He is from New Jersey and I am a Texan. We have different views!

When you are selected for MasterChief in the Navy you are put through a rigorous testing. Everyone makes “100” on the test. Sometimes it comes down to penmanship. So, yes, if Kavanaugh fooled around with this girl, and it can be proven by credible witnesses and evidence he just failed the test, but we have to prove it under rule of law and not rule of innuendo!

Do you know what’s going to happen should Kavanaugh be rejected by the Senate? Someone else will be nominated because we simply must have a nine position Supreme Court or else we’ll just have a hung jury.

Trump was elected because there WAS an Illuminati running America. It was called the Clinton/Bush Dynasty and it cast its shadow over President Obama’s administration. What ever happens, RE-election, impeachment or twenty-fifth amendment, the election of 2016 certainly throw a stick in the bicycle spokes of that dynasty, and in November, 2016 it did indeed die nasty. In fact, Hillary’s body is still twitching. We ALL need to work to Make America Great Again and stop worrying about red baseball caps.

Sharon – The Hamburger Discourse

All Pretty Maids In A Row

The New Improved Sexual Assault

The Rise and Fall Of Bill Cosby

Iran and the Brown Dirt Cowboy


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Fri, 09/28/2018 - 8:55am

From the Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – Blasé

High points from Christine Blasé Ford. She testified she and her friend were alone when she was attacked, but she manages to slip away and go home. TOMB RAIDER! So she left her friend alone with three drunk older guys? Didn’t find a neighbor to save her friend, or call police? Hmmm.

Her friend says she’s never met Kavanaugh. Ford ACTS like a child! Literally. Her voice? Like a Child! She acts ignorant of the word “exculpatory” even though she has two Master Degrees and a PHD.

She can’t remember her address even though everyone in America knows the address, She prepared for the testimony but can’t remember the address? 7802 Renshaw Rd. Pasadena MD 21122, Before that it was RR2 Box 367 Pasadena, MD 21122. Seriously???

Fear of flying but she flies all over the world, yet It’s “Anxiety Provoking to get on an airplane, but she flies all over for her job and on vacation! Her likes are traveling but she’s scared to fly?

The Democrats aren’t asking questions, they spend three minutes congratulating her for being there and the next two minutes bashing the Republicans for not having an FBI investigation. Wait a minute, Judge Kavanuagh has had more FBI investigations than any other nominee in the history of nominees.

Then she doesn’t remember who drove her to the party, nor who drove her home. But she remembers she was there with a friend and is “one hundred percent” sure that it was Brett Kavanaugh who tried to touch her pootie poo! I’m just a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas, but I’m not that dumb!

Wanna see who’s behind this fertilizer? Hillary meets with Ford’s lawyer!

From the Butcher

I was entertained yesterday by the most ridiculous blond joke I’ve ever heard. If you ever doubted the Democratic Party has totally lost it here it is, I say here it is! This is second only to losing a rigged election.

First, I must say that BOTH parties fell over themselves praising this dumb bitch for finding her way to Washington in spite of her fear of flying. This is the PC culture we live in. Thank God she wasn’t black. Then it would have been a Democratic grand slam.

If everything Ford said was true then this was the most watered down sexual assault in history. Wrestling with her on a bed “trying” to get her clothes off? Oh, and she had her one piece bathing suit on under that. Where were we going here?

This woman has a PHD, and is a teacher. But, it’s in California, so that makes sense. Come to think of it that DOES make the dots connect. Do I smell marijuana in the room? Let’s add this up. Drunk dumb blonde at a frat party with a bunch of high school boys. If they didn’t hit it they’re better men than I.

Now, before you light your torches, grab your pitchforks and book a flight to Austin, I’d like to say that in my high school years I wound up out at the lake swimming with a lot of girls. They weren’t wearing ANY bathing suits, yet I can’t remember any girl getting “assaulted.” Maybe I had a blackout. That seemed to be in fashion yesterday as the Democratic senators all suddenly became clinical psychologists and drug councilors. I was particularly amused by the one who cited her qualifications. Her parents were a couple drunks. Hey, so was my dad. I think I’ll hang out my shingle. Anyway, it’s FUN to swim naked at night with girls. They like it too, but then we were just a bunch of dumb ass Texas kids.

The Democrats are so afraid that the Supreme Court is going to swing to the right for the next quarter century that Dianne Feinstein flew in on her broomstick from HER pot party to try to ambush Kavanuagh’s confirmation. And when confronted with the question of who leaked the now famous letter her answer was the good ol’ East L.A. “I wasn’t wid dem brothas!” This old “reptile bait” first said that she hadn’t discussed this possibility with her staff, but then turned around and asked some other bubble head sitting behind her about it, and then announced that they weren’t wid dem brothas either. Y’all think I’m course? You think that line of reasoning is a bit odd? Hey! At least I’m not a senator. I’m just a drunken guitar player from Austin.

Now let’s look at demographics. You don’t even  need name cards to tell which party the participants were with. Honesty, and bi-partisan do not appear in the Washington DC dictionary. The only thing the two factions agreed on was Blasé’s success at negotiating her way through the TSA check point, and finding her seat on the plane. My granddaughter, Puck can do that. I suppose soon she’ll say the TSA sexually assaulted her. Get in line behind the rest of us, baby. We’ve all been THERE! Other than that the lines were drawn right down the middle. With the Democrats screaming, “FBI,” and the Republicans stroking the nominee, it’s no wonder nothing ever gets done in DC. And you’re PAYING these people folks. They run the country. No wonder Putin thought he could bring down America with a few funny memes on Facebook. You don’t have to influence our elections. Hell! Look what we’re electing. In the words of the Disney song, just “Let It Go.”

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Kavanaugh credible!

Posted by Dennis Michael Lynch on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Iran and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

Thu, 09/27/2018 - 10:51am

America is increasingly isolated in the international community. So says the grand poo-bah in Iran. GOOD! We’re making America great again! Fact; America doesn’t need the world, the world needs us. Mexicans are sneaking INTO the United States, not the other way around. The homeless Vet is head and shoulders above the middle class Mexican. Oh, my bad. Mexico doesn’t have a middle class. The last revolution took care of that.

Obama’s globalist agenda painted America as a nation slipping into depravity that needed discipline by more civilized nations such as Iran. When the general assembly laughed at President Trump they didn’t realize that they have been a laughing stock for years. The United Nations is as useless as the tits on a boar hog. For the LBGTQ a word of explanation may be needed here. You see, when a mammal gives birth the female has breasts that provide milk for the offspring. The male has breasts also but produce nothing. Therefore they are basically useless. THAT’S the “UN” General Assembly. Side note, ask yourself how many of them were staying at Trump Tower with all the comps. Nothing like going to the potty without having to fend off the hyenas with a stick. But these Zulus can laugh at our President!

If Texas can be self sustaining America most certainly can! So the prices went up ten percent when the tariffs hit China. Think about how nice it would be to buy a T- shirt that doesn’t disintegrate after the third wash. Or imported calamari that isn’t pigs buttholes. Had any boneless wings at Sonic lately? News flash. Rats don’t have wings!

We’ve been Indoctrinated for so long about how bad America is that it has become accepted. Hitler said that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, and if you tell it long enough it’ll become accepted as truth. Well, the truth is that most of those so called “ambassadors” laughing at President Trump come from countries where the average citizen can’t find a glass of clean water. If you don’t believe that may I remind you of the National motto of Mexico. “Don’t drink the water!”

But let some rouge nation spill over the banks and start cooking Jews for dinner. Where do they run? You KNOW where they come. It’s amazing that a trend has developed saying that we didn’t kill Hitler quick enough, and that at least half of the dead from the concentration camps lay at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. And it don’t stop there. Now the world watches to see what we’re going to do about Venezuela. Seems their little socialist utopia blew up and now they’re down there eating each other. What are WE gonna do. You have a whole continent full of counties with lots of Pesos! YOU send them a taco Paco. We’ll be up here drinking a beer.

So, the nation that stones pretty teenage girls for having a cute butt thinks we’re isolated. And the UN treated President Trump’s speech like a monologue on the Tonight Show. Whores get the spotlight before a Senate Committee. Good enough, but know what? For all the laughter, let us pull out of the UN and let them fight off their hero in Iran by themselves. Aloha Salad Bar! If they’d have laughed at President Eisenhower America would have foreclosed on the building and put them all on a slow boat to China. WITH a tariff on the ticket.


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On Becoming the Circus of the Absurd

Wed, 09/26/2018 - 6:00pm

“Despite actual threats to her safety and her life, Dr. Ford believes it is important for Senators to hear directly from her about the sexual assault committed against her.” – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers upon confirming that she will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday

And so the three-ring circus continues on with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in one ring, innocent Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in another ring, and the Democrat hierarchy in the third ring. A three-ring circus that has morphed into a true circus of the absurd as new (nonsensical) allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are now being made…made just in time so that Democrats can hopefully derail Dr. Ford’s scheduled testimony this week.

But first the three-ring circus as it stands now as I write this…

In ring one sits Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford…a woman enmeshed in her own delusions…delusions Democrats saw as an opportunity to help in stopping President Trump’s newest nominee from being seated on the High Court’s bench…it is as simple as that.

Now thinking herself as ever so special in this latest public discourse surrounding questionable sexual allegations, the fact is that sexual allegations both true and untrue have been going on unabated since the founding of our country. From earlier presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland and others…all the way up to 20th century presidents like Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, culminating in the ultimate sexual purveyor of them all…one William Jefferson Clinton… sexual allegations were then as they are now not just the fodder of gossips but are big news stories that help sell papers and boost media ratings. And with no lack of sexual dalliances in the world of politics, the media has much to pick from or if it’s an usual dry spell, so to speak, they’ll either make one up or feed into the lies of the newest sexual accuser de-jour.

Enter center stage Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

And while actual affairs, especially affairs of long term duration, still seem to be more politically and publicly accepted than casual sexual dalliances…dalliances which can easily morph into allegations that have the ability to drive the rumor mill and political fodder ever forward due to their being more open-ended in nature…with sexual allegations tending to divide folks along both party and gender lines…”he said-she said” banter becomes water cooler chit-chat to break up ones tedious work day.

But when sexual allegations involve Supreme Court nominees ”he said-she said” banter tends to become an actual circus of the absurd…just ask current Justice Clarence Thomas and now Judge Brett Kavanaugh. And why…because allegations against presidents, senators, representatives and such eventually fade away from the public conscience for elected officials time in office and in the public spotlight is limited, but Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life. And it’s the lifetime aspect of power these justices hold… power that goes beyond that of all others for the justice’s decisions and rulings directly affect generations to come…and it’s that which has the Democrats in meltdown mode.

Simply, the rulings aspect is the Democrats key complaint regarding Brett Kavanaugh because he is a staunch constitutionalist…an originalist as was Justice Antonin Scalia… who will not legislate from the bench…more on that in a bit.

And for most Democrats…especially pink p****cat hat wearing Democrat women…they are using Dr. Ford as a means by which to channel their fear that with a Justice Kavanaugh sitting on the High Court that it would be the death-knell for their precious baby-killing law known as Roe v. Wade. The calling card of over-the-top “feminists” who see their vagina as their sole defining feature and who also see an unwanted human life as their right to dispose of at will via Roe v. Wade, these women want to make sure their right to kill innocent babies is not taken away.

Clearly not understanding the fact that Roe v. Wade will not be overturned because it will not even come up before the High Court. And why…because it’s already been “settled.” How so…because the court’s decision in siding with Casey in Planned Parenthood v. Casey actually already gives leeway to regulate certain aspects of abortion, and it’s those regulations not Roe itself that is at the heart of today’s abortion debate…as in Roe’s trimester limitations v. Casey’s viability basis. Remember, Casey’s arguments were based upon the 14th Amendment protections that cover “romantic, family and sexual autonomy” and as per the Casey ruling there are already certain limits placed on the government’s power to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term.

And even with Casey being “settled” law, what’s still not understood by liberals is that it is constitutionalists like Kavanaugh and those constitutionalist justices already sitting on the bench who are what’s keeping Roe in place. How so…because constitutionalist justices will not go against “settled” cases for they are not activist justices like the liberal justices now sitting on the High Court. Liberals should fear their own in regards to Roe v. Wade not justices from the other side of the political aisle.

But in the unlikely case that somehow Roe did get overturned… again by activist justices outnumbering constitutional justices…it would not make abortion illegal as the issue of abortion would then again go back to the states…where it always belonged and should have stayed. And with the majority of states still guaranteeing a degree of access to abortion, no woman who undergoes an abortion today would be denied an abortion if Roe was no more.

So now that we know Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is circus ring number one let’s move on to circus ring number two where an innocent man, Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being railroaded by Democrats with an agenda…an agenda Dr. Ford set in motion via allegations of an unreported to police sexual assault that supposedly happened 36 years ago. Set in motion to take President Trump down, Brett Kavanaugh is strictly the collateral damage by which the Democrats hope to do so. But it’s not because the Democrats dislike Kavanaugh per se but because if they can derail his nomination and paint an innocent man as guilty, the midterms might have a vastly different outcome then we Republicans and Conservatives hope for.

And elected Democrats in positions of power are now playing partisan politics thus showing what truly vile sorts they are for the man they are focusing their ire on…Judge Brett Kavanaugh… is not only a good and decent man but a fair and impartial judge who as a Supreme Court justice would serve our country well. Already having gone through six thorough F.B.I. investigations as he worked his way up the judicial ladder and already knowing that no such sexual allegations have ever been leveled against him, Democrats have still taking it upon themselves to try to ruin not only Judge Kavanaugh’s career but his life and family as they rush to defend a pathetic lying political whore just to stack the High Court in their favor.

It truly does not get any lower than that.

So now we have arrived at the part of the three ring circus where Democrats are circling the wagons around Dr. Christine Blasey Ford…an unstable individual who has said she does not recall who owned the house where the supposed assault occurred, why they were even at the house let alone at or around what time the supposed assault occurred. And while Dr. Ford and the Democrats believe that if Brett Kavanaugh cannot totally disprove the almost 36-year old allegation…an allegation that can never either be proved or disproved…that he must not be appointed to the Supreme Court. And this means that in their eyes one is not innocent until proven guilty…the basis of our jurisprudence…but guilty until one can prove their innocence. Kangaroo court justice Democrat-style I would say.

But the fact is that if one is to believed that they were sexually assaulted way back in high school, one should not already be shown to be a liar nor should one think that they will be the one to decide how an official Senate hearing will be run. So after much whining and stonewalling, attorneys for Dr. Ford have now said that she would appear under oath at an open Senate hearing this Thursday morning at 10am despite unresolved “procedural and logistical issues,” and despite the fact that she needed the extra time to drive from California to Washington D.C.

But know that said driving is a non-issue for it’s being reported that Dr. Ford and her lawyers have been on the east coast for quite some time in an effort to get other of her her old high school friends to back up her accusation. Trying to do damage control after the four individuals that Dr. Ford herself said were the only ones present at the house during the alleged assault… Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, classmate Patrick Smyth, and her longtime girlfriend Leland Ingham Keyser… whose lawyer responded to the committee in a written statement that stated, “Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”…these folks have either denied any knowledge of such an attack or said it never happened…and they did so under penalty of felony in interviews with the Judiciary Committee.

So as Democrats continue to accuse Republicans of pressuring Dr. Ford to appear before the committee before she felt she was ready…no matter that she told no one of such an assault until decades later when in 2012 she claimed that her psychotherapist “helped her to understand the incident as a trauma with lasting impact on her life,” her words not mine but psychobabble nevertheless.the truth is that the Democrats did not want Dr. Ford appearing before they had successfully coached her in what answers to give to questions asked and when to give no answers at all.

And so the three ring circus has turned into a true unabashed circus of the absurd…a Democrat cunningly orchestrated smear campaign…for while Democrats are quick to hang Brett Kavanaugh out to dry for their political expediency and agenda alone, now as if on cue two new sexual misconduct/assault allegations are being leveled against Brett Kavanaugh just as Dr. Ford’s are falling apart. And this includes one from Michael Avenatti, lawyer for Trump accusing porn star/slut Stormy Daniels, who claims to have “evidence” that Brett Kavanaugh and a high school friend targeted women for gang rape. And the second is via the New Yorker magazine who just this past Sunday reported that Brett Kavanaugh’s former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez alleges that he exposed himself to her at a dorm party but that she admits to being drunk when the supposed incident happened. And no one out of all those the New Yorker interviewed confirmed her allegation. More stalling tactics just to delay the nomination vote.

And yet the Democrats are quick to find an innocent man guilty based solely upon innuendo, while willingly ignoring the provable charges against one of their Democrat own…Rep. Keith Ellison…who savagely beat his girlfriend in what they call a mere domestic dispute. But then again this is the same party of hypocrites who gave Senator Ted Kennedy but a slap on the wrist for what amounted to the murder of Mary Jo Kopeckne some 40 years ago. Boys will be boys if they’re Democrats…boys are sexual assaulters even if there’s no proof who must be punished and politically banished if they are Republicans.

So I’ve got my popcorn ready for Thursday’s said circus of the absurd…if it doesn’t get cancelled that is and maybe that was the Democrat’s plan after all. And to Judge Kavanaugh I say stay strong, the truth is on your side and hopefully that truth will expose Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for the liar that she is. And by the way, since Chuck Schumer has now officially requested that President Trump order an F.B.I. investigation into Dr. Ford’s allegations, I say the only thing that needs to be investigating is both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her husband’s bank accounts from both before and after the accusation was made…and now add in the bank accounts of Brett Kavanaugh’s newest accusers as well…just saying.

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The Left’s Do–It–Yourself Authoritarianism

Wed, 09/26/2018 - 10:02am

There’s a new meme circulating that Trumpistas have found very pertinent. It’s a stark black–and–white photo of a seated Trump. One elbow is on his left knee and his other hand is gesturing toward the viewer as he leans forward.

The president has an expression on his face not unlike the famous ‘Uncle Sam Wants You’ recruiting poster. The headline is: “In Reality They’re Not After Me. They’re After You. I’m Just in the Way.”

The meme’s is popular because Trump supporters know who’s in the on–deck circle if Trump strikes out.

Claremont Review of Books editor Charles Kesler observed the anti-Trump position boils down to two mutually exclusive alternatives. One “he’s a buffoon, a clown…who is, by temperament and experience, unfit to be president.” The alternate attack is “he’s a monster, racist and tyrant in waiting.”

Kesler’s wry judgment is “the two arguments are, however, in some tension.”

The intrinsic self–contradiction of the attacks hasn’t forced the left to settle on one or the other. Today unfit for the presidency is getting a lot of media play. An unholy tag–team of Bob Woodward, sage of the Eastern establishment, and Omarosa, the buffoon of Walmart shoppers, is accusing the president of being too senile or unstable to have access to the White House Christmas Party guest list to say nothing of the nuclear attack codes.

The Hitler–in-waiting argument doesn’t resonate with Kesler or me. I think Trump is simply too old. The fact he decided to throttle back on the likes of Stormy Daniels is an indication his stamina isn’t what it used to be. And becoming a dictator takes a lot of energy.

Kesler’s skepticism has its origin in Trump’s philosophy. “There are not many similarities between ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘The Art of the Deal,’” Kesler explains. Trump doesn’t think the government is run by Jews, he thinks it’s run by idiots.

Running an authoritarian regime requires an authoritarian government. Trump can’t even prevent shoplifters from making off with government documents in the Oval Office, to say nothing of rounding up dissenters.

Operating a ‘papers–please’ police state at a minimum means you have the power to demand people show their papers, and Trump can’t even make illegals do that.

China is what a genuine 21st Century authoritarian state looks like and a Trump government that’s divided against itself doesn’t compare. What’s ironic here is the left has begun an ad hoc system of social control that resembles China’s, but it’s being run by the private sector.

China assigns its subjects a “social credit” score. The score is calculated based on observations from the state’s 200 million surveillance cameras, a person’s bill paying habits, web browsing history, political soundness and observance of even the most minor of laws.

ABC reports the score is “dependent on the person’s behavior but they can also be affected by people they associate with.”

We don’t have this level of granular government control in our lives yet, but that doesn’t mean citizens who fail to adhere to the left’s thought standards or associate with the wrong people, don’t face consequences.

In China people with low scores can’t get a government job. Here people with Trump administration ties are rejected by universities.

In China journalist Liu Hu can’t get a job because his stories angered the government. Here a conservative hired by The Atlantic was fired less than a week after being hired because his Twitter feed angered a leftist reporter.

In China a low score gets social media accounts suspended. Here conservatives are shadow–banned by Twitter and Facebook if their posts offend some backroom pencil–neck.

In China corporations toe the party line or they lose access to loans. Here Citibank and Bank of America unilaterally decide if gun manufacturers don’t toe the gun–grabbers line on the 2nd Amendment, the manufacturers can use the barter system for transactions.

In China associating with the wrong people means you are shunned. Here you can ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders how hard it is to find a good restaurant.

In China the power of the state causes the majority of the people to fall in line. Here leftists control the culture and currently only 48 percent of the people are still willing to even feebly resist.

And these victories come while the left is out of power. Where life gets really serious for Trump supporters, and the meme comes true, is if the left takes power again. Already our overlords in the Opposition Media are starting to claim that “Trump is only the symptom.” This means citizens who voted for Trump are the disease.

And in the long run, you know what the government does to diseases.

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The Rise and Fall Of Bill Cosby

Tue, 09/25/2018 - 6:20pm


I told her she was prettier

Than Paris in the rain

Lord I filled her full of gypsy lies

Swearing I’d be coming back

To fetch her in the spring

Too ashamed to look her in the eyes

David Allan Coe


If a sixty-seven year old man were sent to prison for drugging and raping a woman no one would have a second thought. If a ninety-nine year old nazi were sentenced to life, or executed for his involvement in the holocaust there would be little uproar except why did it take so long. Bill Cosby is no different in his assault on Andrea Constand!

Cosby has reached the ripe old age of eighty-one years after a phenomenally successful career with all the rewards accorded. If a man gains the whole world, but loses his own soul . . . Surely “America’s dad” could have found legal, if not moral sexual release with all that money and fame.

Cosby’s lawyers relied on his advanced age to elicit sympathy from Judge Steven O’Neill. In a very direct statement, O’Neill said, “Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.” And with that “America’s dad” was led out in handcuffs to begin a three to ten year sentence in America’s justice system.

Of course, his high dollar lawyers filed an appeal, but in addition to a twenty-five thousand dollar fine, an amount he probably spent on dinner back in his heyday, or a supply of drugs for his “dates,” he is also to be registered as a sexually violent predator, ever how violent, or for that matter sexual the octogenarian can be. I’m sixty-seven, and frankly I’m not up to violently assaulting anything more challenging than a martini.

Cosby almost spit the hook on this because of the statute of limitations. He DID spit dozens of other hooks, but the women thus offended can take solace in his incarceration. Surely the amount of cases incapable of prosecution weighed on O’Neill’s mind, though legally he could not admit that.

Cosby will most likely not survive this virtual death sentence. Of course Andrew Wyatt, spokesperson for Cosby went off on the media, Judge, the prosecutors, and all the ships at sea saying the case was “the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.” Ah! That trusty ol’ race card. When in doubt, whip it out, and apparently Cosby had whipped it out many times over decades. This is NOT the most racist trial in United States history. Cosby is not hanging from a tree!

The rich and well placed have had this mindset for years. Why do you think Harvey Weinstein raped all those girls, or Will Hayden raped his own twelve year old daughter? They were entitled! THAT’S racism. To think that you are somehow so powerful, so revered, so beyond the laws of mere mortals that women, even children are just pieces of animated meat put here for your amusement, like the paper bag that once had held the wine and then left like an empty bottle lying on the ground.

This is a far, far cry from a juvenile Kavanaugh carousing on a bed thirty-six years ago with some foolish girl. This was a man whom the women looked up to. A man who held their careers in his hand, and what did he do? Did he nourish that career? No! He crushed them. For all the things said about the whites in this country, he reminds me of the Navajo pronoun for the negro. Bill Cosby became the Black White Man!

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The New Improved Sexual Assault

Tue, 09/25/2018 - 10:38am
Democrat After Party

The Democrat’s new improved sexual assault has lowered the bar substantially. Back in the day, when I was in high school, sexual assault was quite simple. You held the girl down, and sexually assaulted her. Where it went from there was usually left up to the girl. If the girl was snatched off her bicycle, and dragged to a bush it was a type one felony, but if it occurred at a beer bust it could end up before a justice of the peace in matrimony, which was effectively a life sentence.

Before the refining of gender relations, Texas girls mainly wanted to get married. You see, that’s kinda the natural order of things. Grow up, get married, have kids. Of course this conjures images of girls with lots of kids and a Lucky Strike permanently fixed to her lip as the new baby rides on her hip.

Almost every boy in high school had the usual date at the drive in picture show where he’d try to slip his hand down from her shoulder to the nether regions. Depending upon the young lady’s mood and amount of popcorn consumed, she’d allow the advance, or forever keep putting his hand back on her shoulders.

Getting a Texas girl drunk was a daunting task. I never succeeded in that endeavor. Invariably the beer took precedence over interest in the girl. Also, Texas girls can out drink you. Has something to do with metabolism and the amount that a Texas girl can pee. Also, while yankee girls got assaulted at frat parties, Texas girls traditionally found themselves out at someplace like Miller Springs on a campsite. After a girl takes a pee with the bobcats you’re not going to impress her with your little “sexual assault!”

But these facts of life do not deter the Dems from upping the ante on Judge Brett. As the donkeys continue to show their asses all over Capitol Hill we are entertained by the rules of the new improved sexual assault. Does anyone here remember the term “making out?” That’s where you make all the moves without any transfer of bodily fluids. Well, other than kissing, and even then Texas girls would frequently draw a line. Some would slip you a tongue, but most would not. Good girls just lip kissed. In Arkansas if a girl “Frenched” you it was suspected that her relationship with her brother may not have been what it should be, but I digress.

You can’t count the girls who slipped into a side room to make out. Now the Democrats have brought the matter before the Supreme Court. Let me ask you, if Brett Kavanaugh were gay would we be having this problem? Or Harvey Weinstein, or Bill Cosby? You know the answer. Of course we wouldn’t. If Judge Brett were a fudge packer he’d be on the bench already. THAT’S the new improved sexual assault. If it’s plumb weird the Democrats are all for it. If it’s biologically normal they put their vagina hats on, and hit the streets. That, or descend upon Ted Cruz and his wife while dining.

President Trump is addressing the UN today, ramping up rhetoric on Iran. People in North Carolina are pumping the water out of their bedrooms. The tariffs are driving prices at Walmart up ten percent. And what are we seeing at the top of every newspaper? Brett Kavanaugh almost got some nookie thirty-six years ago! Almost being the key word, because he couldn’t get her clothes off. If I were the girl I’d be pissed off too. Drag me into a room and can’t even get a feel? Texas girl would’ve poured a beer over his head.

But, as I said before, the bar is officially being lowered, for straight white males, everyone else gets a pass. I think this may be the reason for all the illegal immigrants. With the total loss of identity among American women we have to have girls who ARE girls filling the vacated posts of wife, mother, and partner. With no new improved sexual assault.

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Democrats Hit Job of Political and Personal Destruction

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 9:00pm

The Democrats have been trying to derail the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation even if they must use false sexual allegations to do a character assassination on Kavanaugh.

The Democrats have a motive to delay.  They believe the delay would by them time to possibly win the senate in November and stop a confirmation.  However, let us judge the facts and you decide.

Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter two months ago revealing the sexual allegations to her representative, who handed the letter to Senator Diane Feinstein.  There was no mention of the letter or allegations in the senate hearings, and only days before Kavanaugh’s confirmation, was the letter handed to the FBI with a request to investigate by Feinstein. (Note: There have been six background checks conducted by the FBI on Kavanaugh over the years.)

Ford’s allegation is from some 36 years ago and she has admitted she does not know when or where the alleged incident took place, only that it allegedly took place when she was 15 years old.  She admits not remembering how she went or returned from the alleged party; but admits she was drinking alcohol.  Further the two alleged witnesses (Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth) that she has spoken of adamantly deny that any event ever took place.  Ford never even mentioned Kavanaugh to anyone for the entire 36 years.  She met with a therapist in 2012 to discuss the incident with some of the therapist’s notes in conflict with her current allegations.  However, Kavanaugh was never mentioned.  Why is 2012 relevant?  Kavanaugh’s name surfaced as a potential Supreme Court Justice if Mitt Romney were to become president.  Was this a motive to set up a 2012 allegation in advance against Kavanaugh?

What do we know about Ford?  She is a Democrat activist.  She donated to ShareBlue, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and participated in the “pussy hat” protest and other anti-Trump women marches and protests through the resistance cause.  She mysteriously scrubbed her social media accounts of all her radical activities and statements days before she came out as the accuser.  Why?  Obviously it was to present herself as a regular and objective woman, and not some left-wing activist desperately trying to make a difference and resist the confirmation.

Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz, is also a Democratic Party activist, who ironically defended Bill Clinton against sexual allegation from Paula Jones in the 1990’s, is vice chair of the Project n Government Oversight, an organization funded by Billionaire George Soros, who has donated millions to defeat the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh and resist Trump.

This is a hit job by left-wing radicals and undermines those women who really have had unwanted sexual advances against them.  However, there have been time and time again where innocent men have had to face false allegation such as this.  There are no witnesses, no collaborating evidence, along with a story, which changes by the moment by a woman who is unsure of the man, the location, the incident, as well as impaired by her own alcoholic consumption.

A simple judge knows about the “presumption of innocence” until proven guilty.  Someone should make sure the Democrats retake that class in law school.

With that, the Democrat, who have defended Ford and accept her story without even meeting or speaking to her, are hypocrites!  Where were they when Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broadrick, Paula Jones were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton?  Where were they in the assistance to Monica Lewinsky, a 19 year old intern in the Oval Office?  Where are they with Keith Ellison, who is currently running for Attorney General in Minnesota, and former Deputy Director for the Democrat National Committee, with the allegations against him today by his former girlfriend?

This is a hit job of political hypocrisy and personal destruction by Democrats.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at [email protected]

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Twice A Traitor…Twice Unpunished

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 8:53pm

“You can’t find precedent for this in U.S. history, and Secretary Kerry ought not to engage in that kind of behavior…it’s inconsistent with what foreign policy of the United States is as directed by this president, and it is beyond inappropriate for him to be engaged.”
– Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

By now most are familiar with John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry’s story…a story of an anything but illustrious military career that morphed into an anything but illustrious political career…a political career that saw him as Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Secretary of State being the author and broker of the worst deal ever made by a U.S. president. And while Kerry’s military career ended with accusations of treason and cowardliness being leveled against him, now hopefully his political career has also come to an end with traitorous alludings again being made against him, this time by our current Secretary of State.

And Kerry’s political career began when his military career ended…back in 1971 post-Vietnam. Vietnam…where in actuality John Kerry saw but a brief four-month tenure and where he betrayed both his fellow veterans and America’s POW’s. Saying…actually lying…under oath when testifying before Congress, John Kerry stated on the record that it was the American forces not the North Vietnamese who were committing torture, atrocities, and murder especially against civilians…allegations eventually proven totally false.

And yet this very man was awarded…or should I say pulled strings to get…three Purple Hearts that he did not deserve and which he cavalierly literally threw away onto the White House lawn not too long afterward. Relishing instead in colluding…along with his fellow traitor the infamous ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda…with America’s enemy…the communist North Vietnamese…together and separately the actions of these two “aiders and abetters” made Benedict Arnold look like the proverbial alter boy. And like Benedict Arnold neither has received any tangible punishment to date, however, in the case of John Kerry that could soon change for with the election of President Donald J. Trump acts of collusion…acts of “aiding and abetting”…are taken very seriously.

Very seriously indeed especially when today’s enemy…the rogue regime in Iran…is on the cusp of getting nuclear weapons. And it was now (thankfully) former Secretary of State John Kerry who was told…who was ordered…by Obama to get a deal signed at any cost even if it meant selling America out, which he of course did. And it was John Kerry’s actions, or should I say inactions, that led to the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the very agreement that ultimately gave Iran not just the ability to keep enriching uranium but also gave them hundreds of millions of our hard earned taxpayer dollars…failed bribe monies actually…in addition to the release of billions of dollars in sanctions monies that the fanatical mullahs used to help fund their worldwide terrorist operations. And these operations directly led to massive bloodshed in Syria, in Iraq, and in Yemen while at the same time helping to expand Iran’s influence in Africa and now into both North and South America.

And Kerry willingly did it all to help bring about America’s downfall, to aid Iran in becoming a nuclear power, and to help herald in the birth of the Levant…good little islamic sympathizer that he is. And to that affect, John Kerry was recently outed for his having met and conspiring with Iranian officials to “actively undermine” and subvert both President Trump’s hard line Iranian foreign policy and his actual presidency itself.

An overt act of treason I would say, and yet John Kerry, who viciously and in the public venue criticized both President Trump personally along with his rightful decision to withdraw our country from the Iran nuclear deal, that man is still walking free leaving one to wonder why Jeff Sessions is yet again not doing his job. Is Sessions willingly ignoring the Logan Act or did he add John Kerry’s name to the ever-growing list of things he’s recused himself from doing? Or is it simply that John Kerry thinks he’s above the law…his arrogance would surely allow that as a possibility…or does he remain under the protective umbrella of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his big-monied New World Order puppet masters?

I believe it’s a combination of all the above.

And again, John Kerry is still walking free…as is Obama and Hillary…while his and their traitorous actions basically go unreported by the media no matter that now private citizen John Kerry has admitted that on at least three separate occasions he met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari and did so while being well aware that since he was no longer a representative of the U.S. government he had no legal right to do so. And Kerry also knew that by his secretly meeting with Zarif that he was in direct violation of both the Logan Act and possibly the Foreign Agents Registration Act as well.

And it’s the federal statute known as the Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) that makes it a federal crime for a U.S. citizen to “confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States.” Specifically, the Logan Act encompasses almost all communication between a U.S. citizen and foreign government officials and strictly prohibits U.S. citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization. And you just know that neither President Trump nor any in his administration gave John Kerry permission to negotiate with anyone let alone with Iranian officials.

In fact, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said of John Kerry’s clandestine meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif that they were both “unseemly and unprecedented” and “beyond inappropriate,” adding that “You can’t find precedent for this in U.S. history, and Secretary Kerry ought not to engage in that kind of behavior.” And President Trump himself rightfully accused Kerry of holding “illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people.”

How right both Secretary Pompeo and President Trump are especially since Kerry told Iran to “wait out this administration.” Shades of Obama’s infamous open-mic moment with then Russian President Medvdev, I’d say.

And President Trump also rightfully called out John Kerry for a possible violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), a 1938 statue that requires a person acting as an agent of a foreign entity in a political or quasi-political capacity to make regular public disclosures of this relationship, including all activities and disbursements. And while some legal scholars say that FARA does apply to Kerry’s interactions with Zarif, others say FARA’s provisions do not necessarily extend to activities conducted entirely overseas, so to them means that where Kerry met with Zarif determines if FARA was breached. And then there’s the fact that it is still not known if the Iranians actually asked Kerry for advice, which even then would make no difference for meeting with a foreign government to undermine the sitting president’s policies is still paramount to treason.

So what then is President Trump basing his FARA allegation on…two indisputable facts with the first being that two weeks ago John Kerry freely admitted on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program that in recent months he had indeed engaged in numerous meetings with the Iranians to try and salvage Trump’s cancelled Iranian nuclear deal…basically “shadow diplomacy“ he had no business engaging in. Saying he met three or four times with the Iranians since leaving office, but making it clear that he had not done so since Mike Pompeo became Secretary of State back in April of this year, Kerry said one meeting between him and the Iranians took place in Oslo, Norway; that another took place in Munich, Germany; and that a third meeting was held at U.N. headquarters…which is not technically on U.S. soil.

But the where’s of these meetings are just a case of word semantics and nothing more for John Kerry, who still envisions his narcissistic self as Secretary of State, met with the enemy to discuss how to defy President Trump and the location of where he did so does not take away the fact that he is working against the interests of these United States, and that is the definition of treason.

And the second key fact that President Trump based his FARA allegation on goes back to 1970 when at the height of the Vietnam War, John Kerry, then a naval reservist, traveled to Paris to meet with the North Vietnamese delegation. Advocating not for America but instead for the North Vietnamese so-called peace plan, Kerry strongly urged then President Nixon to accept the enemy’s peace plan…a plan that in affect called for the U.S. to surrender to the North Vietnamese and then pay reparations to their government for life and property lost during the war. And even while knowing that surrender is not something America did, John Kerry still sided with the enemy anyway.

Simply, John Kerry “aided and abetted“ the enemy in Paris then just as he did now with his private meetings with the islamic state’s foreign minister and other high ranking Iranian officials to covertly work out how to defy President Trump and bring America to her knees…I call that treason of the first degree.

So what happens now to John Kerry…will he be allowed to go unpunished like Obama and Hillary or will he be called to task? With Jeff Sessions as attorney general it now becomes sort of a pre-determined “crap shoot” even though on Tuesday, Senator Marco Rubio (Fla.-R) sent a formal letter to Jeff Sessions officially requesting that the Department of Justice look into whether John Kerry did indeed violate the Logan Act and/or FARA by his secretly meeting with Iranian officials, with Rubio adding that, “Americans deserve to know that U.S. laws are enforced regardless of any individual’s past position.”

Maybe this time his formal request will be listened to because back on May 5th, when rummages of such meetings first started surfacing, Senator Rubio questioned such meetings but Session’s D.O.J. ignored him.

So now as Kerry’s people…most likely on Obama’s urging…having started to circle the wagons so to speak, John Kerry’s spokesman Matt Summers issued a recent statement that, “There’s nothing unusual, let alone unseemly or inappropriate, about former diplomats meeting with foreign counterparts.”

Actually when it’s the enemy there is…but only time will tell if John Kerry is called to task for treason or if he, like Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, will walk scot free. And with Jeff Sessions heading the Department of Justice, I don’t think John Kerry will be wearing an orange jumpsuit anytime soon.

Sad isn’t it.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.


For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article  Vetting the Credibility of Kavanaugh’s Accuser.



Today, Friday, September 21st from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss ‘The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed’; ‘The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed…Addendum’; ‘Twice a Traitor…Twice Unpunished’; and ‘Vetting the Credibility of Kavanaugh’s Accuser’.

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All Pretty Maids In A Row

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 11:05am

All Pretty Maids in a row. Looked behind a tree, what did I see, Democrat whores looking right at me! You didn’t think they were gonna give up did you? You can’t fix stupid. Any political party that will scrape a high school beer party for scandal knows no bounds. Two more bimbos leaped out of the shadows with the good old, “He touched me there” scenario. Trouble is, the nominee ain’t touched nobody yet. Shucks! At this rate we’d be lucky if he ever touched his WIFE!

Seems funny that a political party that endorses mass murder of babies, sodomy, the destruction of veterans to support invading armies of multi-nationals, and have fat women wearing vagina hats would get all pent up about the shenanigans at a high school beer bust thirty-six years ago. Don’t you wanna know why? Well, Ima gonna tell ya.

First, and foremost they just gotta keep killing them there babies. Planned Parenthood is big business. Especially since black folk are the main customers. Eugenics! Gotta keep the population under control. How was it Margaret Sanger put it? Oh yeah. Human weeds. Is that racist enough for you. George WALLACE wasn’t that racist! I think Adolph was though. Just gotta know who you’re dealing with.

Next. Do you realize that we recently had a case go to the highest court in the in the land to decide if a gay couple can eat a cake? You can’t make this stuff up folks. Cases involving executions routinely turned away while the cake gets top billing. “And what do you want for your last meal?” “I want a slice of that ‘GD’ cake that bumped me off the docket yesterday,”

With the assertion of Judge Kavanaugh to the bench, the Supreme Court will return to sanity for at least twenty years. That, in and of itself will make America Great Again. They can impeach Trump the next day, and he STILL will have fulfilled his promise, and made his mark. And YES, President Trump has touched a woman. Lots of ‘em!

The Liberal game plan has been to neutralize America. First order of business is to feminize men. Now, I’m all for respect for women. Open doors, hold chairs, say, “Yes ma’am,” all that stuff. If you meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate those remnants of the Anabellem Culture don’t ever talk to her again. And for GOD’S sake don’t have any children with her.

The return to normality is hateful to Democratic ears. Our pubic schools (and that’s NOT a typo) are harbors for drugs, illicit sex, and socialist thought. You think the Millennials are bad? Just wait until the “Z” Generation takes the reins. And the Liberal Democrats did this.

President Trump is a real estate broker who thinks in dollars and cents and linear feet. The liberal mind can’t fathom that. They’re too busy trying to sort fifty-two genders, and all the pretty maids in a row. They’re worried and cakes, plastic straws, and the failed campaign of the lesbian they ran for president. They’re too worked up trying to redesign the English language with so many forbidden words that we’ll be lucky to get the word, “Ug!” past the PC police. That is IF english is even allowed. It’s the “white” language, don’t you know?

THAT’S what the specter of Judge Kavanaugh holds for the Democrats. The return to sanity. The end of public schools that teach socialism in a climate of sex, drugs, and NO rock and roll. The future pretty maids will be our six year old girls as they redefine pedophilia as “minor attracted!” A world where Dr. King’s dream will not be realized. The imprint of the racial lines imposed by eight years of separatism. So, they can trot out all their pretty maids in a row, but they won’t change one damn thing!

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Sharon – The Hamburger Discourse

Sun, 09/23/2018 - 8:52am

Sharon – The Hamburger Discourse

“It don’t get much better than this, ” Robert exclaimed, as he ate his first burger.

They were sitting at a concrete picnic table at city park.
“You sound like a beer commercial, Reverend, but no, it doesn’t. You know Bob, it truly does amaze me that the Lord took so long to get around to inventing the hamburger.”

“He had to wait for Texas, first.”


“Yeah. The hamburger as we know it today, was first enjoyed in a little town called Athens, Texas. I ate a hamburger there once, you know, in their honor.”

“Was it good?”

“Big Mac. Same as New York, L. A.”

They both laughed. John chewed a little, “Do you suppose that’s the way the Gospel got out.”

“What you mean?”

“I mean Paul, the tent maker. He goes, and begins his missionary journey. He expounds this wonderful new concept he’s found somewhere out on the Damascus Road. Well, all by himself, Paul isn’t much. In fact, he finally gets himself killed. Then, a few centuries later, ‘McDonald’s’ picks up the message, and they package it, and sell it to everyone, and no one really has the original at all. It’s nothing like the form that Paul preached about. It’s a pre-packaged, pre-shrunk, one size fits all Christianity. Then, about sixteen-hundred years later, we came along and gave the world the ‘new improved Christianity.’ Do you think that’s the way it happened.”

“I think it evolved. You see, John, the faith is alive! Even in my short lifetime, I’ve seen major changes in the faith. Oh, we hold to the old truths, sure, but there is more. In the early days of the Reformation, there was a real danger of the Catholic Church bullying the smaller denominations out of existence. They had real political power back then. But now, no. Sometimes, I even listen to what they’re saying.”

“Like what?”

“Well,” Robert looked around jokingly, as if to see if no one was listening, “like the communion of the Saints. Do you know what that is?”

“No, I really don’t.”

“Well, it’s the belief that we are all a community of believers, both alive, and in the other world. You notice how I didn’t say ‘dead.’ In God’s eyes, you don’t change when you die, you just get closer. And, this community of believers communicates with each other, and prays with each other, and loves one another. No barrier, no real separation.”

“They can hear you.”

“I think they hear you when you talk directly to them. Oh, they don’t hear every single thing that every single person says. Kind of like one of those ‘on-line’ services where you can include, or exclude messages. You don’t want sexual material, you just cross it off. Folks got to have their privacy.”

“And what about Mary?”

“Boy! Why don’t you ask me something easy?”

“C’mon, you started it.”

“Poor little ol’ Mary always gets beat up when Catholics, and non Catholics get together. First thing out of the hat. Well, here goes. Yeah! Just like any other saint in Heaven, I think she can hear us. Now, the difference comes in when you start asking her to do magic tricks and such. Scripture tells us that there is one mediator between God, and man, and that’s the man Jesus!”

“But, if she is there, and is His mother, wouldn’t he listen to her?”

“Well, yes, but how much do you think her advice would weigh up against His decisions?”

“She’s his mother.”

“You always do what your mother says?”

“Jesus is the perfect son.”

“Jesus is also God!”

“Do you think these people really see her?”
“I knew you been over there at that church a sniffin’ incense. I don’t know if people see her.”

“OK, OK, do you think it’s possible for a person to see her?”

“Look, let’s look at it this way. How many Baptists see Mary? Hummmmm? Only Catholics, and then only under very questionable circumstances. I’ve never seen Mary, have you?”

“No, but I’ve seen someone like her, Bob. You know, I’m really having some problems with the faith right now. This stop has really put some stuff on me.”

“You notice how you are not saying that you’re having problems with your faith, but with the faith. You still believe, don’t you, Johnny?”

“Yes, of course. Bob, do you think that I can loose my salvation?”

“No! Absolutely not! No one can snatch God’s chosen ones from his hand. Now, he may slap us on occasion, but he never throws us out, or allows us to be plucked from his hand.”

“Can we walk away, Bob?”

This was turning into a very heavy hamburger for Robert, but he knew that this was why he was here in the first place. It was his job to steer this young preacher onto the proper path.

“I’ve seen preacher’s try to walk away. I ain’t never seen ’em succeed, though. Once you are a preacher, you’re always a preacher. I remember a preacher friend of mine, years ago. He started in a little auxiliary church off of my daddy’s back home. He had a little flock, about ten, and he preached in a one room house we had out in the boonies. He got mad at some at some gossip goin’ ’round, and he up and quit one day. He just walked away.”

“A couple of years later, I’d done forgot all about him, I heard he had cancer. A cancer in his leg. Well, they took the leg off. Then he got cancer in the other leg, and they had to take that one off, too. Then he got cancer in the lung, the liver, everywhere. They couldn’t take them off, so he ended up at the V. A. hospital. He laid there all alone, he wife wouldn’t even go and see him. The nurses told me he died preaching a real ‘bell- ringing’ sermon to the walls of that empty room at the V. A.”

“I wondered about that. How could God do that to one of his servants. But then, he did that to Peter, Paul, and who knows how many others. He told us at the last supper, his father was like a gardener. He prunes some branches, and some branches he cuts off. the way I see it, if a branch never bears any fruit, well, God’ll just cut it off, but if a branch has ever bore any fruit what so ever, then he’ll prune, and prune, ’till the branch bears more. He pruned that preacher literally. But, I was always encouraged by his last moments. Preaching to the wall. You know what that means, Johnny? That means he finished his last sermon right in front of Jesus himself! No better end for a preacher.”

“Stories like that always make me wonder, Bob. Like that crippled guy the first night of this revival. So happy, but no life at all. Wheelchair. And I know I’m supposed to understand all these things, but sometimes, frankly, I don’t.”



“Evil in the world, Johnny. When Satan caused the fall, he didn’t just mess us up, he messed up everything. God created a good world. He was pleased with it. Satan didn’t want to just get us, he wanted to discredit everything the Lord had done. Take the Garden of Eden for instance. Now I don’t know if you believe
in a physical garden or not, but I think you’ll agree that the weather there must’ve been good.”

John agreed.

“Well, I think that the early earth had a more pleasant climate. Now, I know a lot of scientists would shout me down, but I’m an old preacher so indulge me a little. Anyway, after the fall, even the weather went nuts! Storms, floods, all such things. The Lord Jesus himself told us that in the last days these calamities will multiply, until it’s almost unbearable, and then He’ll come. See, it’s been a growing, and a growing, ever since the fall, whatever that fall may have been. Once, a perfect world, then, a not so perfect one.”

“Some folks may tell you the ‘fall’ was man showing up at all.”

“They may be closer to the truth than we know.
They both got out another burger. Robert went on, “Do you believe in evolution?”

John laughed, “I am a minister of the Baptist faith. You think I believe in evolution?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked.”

“No, I’m a creationist. I believe that God did create the world as it is now.”

Robert never looked up from his hamburger, “I believe in evolution.”


“Uh huh. I believe in evolution.”

“Well, tell me this Reverend Hunter. How do you get up there, and preach from the Bible when you believe in evolution?”

Robert looked straight at John, “I don’t. I sing.”

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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 8:32am
And I still, haven’t found, what I’m looking for.

Years ago, people were aghast when I claimed my research shows liberals all lie easily in public debate: Liberals ROUTINELY grasp unproven information, and promote it as truth without fact checking. SOME republicans also do it, but ALL liberals do it – I literally searched high and low for exceptions for 10 years, and even offered cash finder’s reward on social media.

And I still, haven’t found, what I’m looking for.

Proof of “Antagonism” Lies

We now have compact, solid proof Democrats widely invest and promote unproven information without hesitation and without conscience, if it is politically antagonistic. Truth is determined by politics, not by a healthy, fixed moral system. This makes liberals fundamentally different from those who determine truth by weighing facts carefully. They lie to create antagonism and rancor, before any analysis has been done:

  • Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said Thursday: “I believe her because she is telling the truth and you know it by her story.”
  • “Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI review the claims,” Gillibrand added. “Is that the reaction of an innocent person? It is not.”
  • When Sen. Duckworth (D-Ill.) was asked about Kavanaugh denying the accusation, the senator responded, “Well, I have heard, you know, many, many predators say and refute allegations against them.”
  • Former spokesman for Bernie Sanders and CNN contributor, Symone Sanders, said she didn’t even need to wait for more information: “For me there is no debate. I believe Professor Ford. Judge Kavanaugh has lied multiple times under oath.”
The Worst Kind of Lie – A Principle Lie

Notice how liberals were certain all of Bill Clinton’s clear-minded accusers of 5 years before, were nuts, but now Kavanaugh’s sole, vague accuser of 35 years ago, is 100% believable.

Or, notice liberals remain silent, condoning the lie-circus going on now in Washington. Tens of Democrat leaders are leading the lie-accusation fest, so this is not a tiny minority of democrats. Silence becomes an important, integral complicity in the crime of false accusation, when you aren’t the one who is falsely accused.

Can’t Be #MeToo and #NotHer, If You’re Honest

Which of their advocacies is a lie?  Liberals can either be against the clear-headed women accusers of Clinton, or for the vague sole accuser, but not both.  You can’t be “#meToo” and “#notHer” in an honest brain.  One of their sentiments has to be based on lies about principles – the worst kind of liars.

Their Future Stain Plan

If the liberals’ attack doesn’t work, they plan to stain Kavanaugh forever with the accusation.  Their decadent witch Sotomayor is celebrated, while the decent man Kavanaugh will be impugned forever as a conservative rapist on the Supreme Court.

And I still, haven’t found, what I’m looking for.

See the author’s 5 star book about our economic pandemic, “Atlas Shouts,” on Amazon.

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Woman Who Walks on Stones – The Stones

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 6:09pm


The Stones

by Brother Theo

After some time had passed in silence the cat flowed easily from Beaver’s lap to the plank floor of the porch where he resumed his favorite spot, and watched the world beyond Mandi’s fence with an appearance of indifference that belied what Mandi now knew to be his true nature. Beaver chanted an old lullaby Mandi remembered with an aching heart as he thumped softly on a drum about the size and shape of a tambourine. The wind chimes somehow contrived to accompany the song almost inaudibly.

Beyond them the world of white men, women and children sounded like a soft symphony into which all sounds became one. When he had finished, the three sat together in companionable silence, and Mandi felt a peace that was remembered, but knew no particular moment.

“How old are you Akei?” She asked finally.

Her grandfather gave her a surprised look. “That is not what I expected you to ask.”

“What did you imagine I would ask?” She looked meaningfully at the bowl of pinkish water on the small table Between them, and then at the bandaged finger resting on the edge of his drum. Floating on the water was a well remembered maguey thorn. Mosi shook his great head violently as if he had mites in his one good ear, and made a noise somewhere between a cry and a growl. Mandi thought it a most un-catlike noise. Clearing his throat Beaver gave an embarrassed grunt. “Of course, she was always my best student.”

For a moment Mandi stared at the cat incredulously, and wondered if it had talked to the old man; she knew he had. Turning back to beaver she asked “It hurts still?”

“It was worth it.” He replied.

Her look became piercing and she said “So?”

Beaver sagged a little in his seat looking chagrined. “Has no one ever told you it is impolite to ask an old person their age? The cat’s stare intensified, and Beaver shrugged helplessly. “Ah well.” He said as her look turned flat. After a sigh the old man looked out at a passing cloud. After a while he asked “Do you know how old Moses was when he died?”

“One hundred and twenty” replied Mandi automatically.

“But that’s a lot of jumbo jumbo Akei. The Bible says everybody lived to be, like, I don’t know, hundreds of years old back then. Nobody really believes that.”

Beaver turned a sharp look onto his granddaughter. “Not everybody Tsosi, only some; and those were what the whites call prophets, but we call medicine people.”

“Medicine people?” Mandi scoffed. “What, now you’re politically correct grandfather?”

“Yes granddaughter, people. There are many medicine women in the histories of all the people of the earth.”

Mandi considered that for a moment. “So are you saying that you’re like Moses or something?”

“I’m saying that the Almighty chooses some and gives them years in which to become wise, and to do His will in. Some of his plans cannot be passed on from one person to another, but must be seen through by a single person with a purpose to making things on our earth be as they are in heaven.”

“So what is your purpose here grandfather? “ she asked softly.

For a moment she saw a look of evasiveness flit across his face, but it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. The cat turned his head to look at the old man meaningfully. Shaking his head Beaver said “I suppose so. Mandi felt a shiver pass down her spine. The cat was talking to Beaver, and it was telling him what to do. “It is not just the Almighty who has plans granddaughter; there is an…adversary, and like the Almighty he has servants and friends who do his work here on the earth.”

Knowing that Mosi was somehow talking to Beaver made Mandi uneasy. “What is he saying to you?” She demanded, pointing at the cat.

“He’s telling me to get on with it.” Grunted Beaver. The cat looked loftily away. Bending forward to rummage in his seemingly limitless bag, Beaver’s expression became unreadable. Producing an old, worn looking wooden box about the size of a box of cracker jacks his eyes turned hard and piercing. “This is how it feels when a person knows they must do a thing that they do not wish to do. I am only the delivery man in this.” His gaze softened and he said “These are not a gift Mandi, and when it has done it’s part your heart will understand how I feel in this moment.” Passing her the box he said “ Listen to me now Mandi, and do not forget a word of what I say.” Opening the box she saw five identical stones. They were smooth and oblong, each was a uniform gray and perhaps the size of the first joint of her little finger. “You are to place one beneath your pillow for the next five nights” Beaver intoned. His voice had become deeper and rougher. “They will bring you visions while you sleep.”

“They will make me dream?” She asked, feeling as if she were already asleep and dreaming.

“Not dreams; visions. And Tsosi, it is of the greatest importance that you not awaken during the vision.” To Mandi it seemed that her world had narrowed to a tunnel, and that her grandfather’s voice was drifting down from the tunnel’s mouth. “Lissssten child.” Now it was the lisping voice of the great snake. “Lisssten to his voice and hear.” Instantly she was before Beaver, his gaze intense, his eyes like chips of arctic ice. “You can only be awakened from these visions by your own will. Do not will yourself awayke; If you do you will become part of the vision. If that happens…well, you will never return.”

Mandi felt fear in her belly, and was aware of a sense of unreality. “Like before?” She whispered.

“Not like before.” Said her grandfather sadly.

“But the Mesa, the coyote,” she shivered. “The cat” she whispered.

“That was not a vision.” Beaver’s voice sounded near to breaking.

“But Shim’a…mother said. She said you gave me…that you made me see things with your leaves and, and poison.”

Beaver looked into her eyes, his features carved into a look of infinite sadness. “Let us talk of those things after Tsosi, for now, just listen. And obey.” Again the voice of the great snake sounding like a hissing echo “Obey.”

Touching one of the stones with a finger she rolled it over. “How will I know which one?” She asked.

“Each stone will make itself known granddaughter. And do not seek the stone in the morning when you awaken, it will have returned to its proper place after it has shown you what is must.”

Her hand sought and found his large, strong hand; it was warm and comforting. “I want to say that you do not have to do this, but long ago your hozho was unbalanced, and darkness now seeks you. If you turn aside from this your spirit may well wander in places best not imagined.”

“Will you stay and watch over me while I sleep?” Her voice was suddenly small, like that of a little girl.

“I will” he said. “And so will your new friend.” The cat opened his great jaws as if in a yawn and a huge roar issued from them that brought dust and paint chips down from the porch ceiling. Mandi quailed before the sound and wondered what she had gotten into as neighbors came out into their yards to look about, into the sky and at each other looking for the cause of such a loud and unusual sound.

Sharon- The Punk

From The Mind of a Dumb Ole Biker From Alvin, Texas – Tariffs

Dèjá Vu

Left, Right, or Straight Ahead

Let’s Go With Something Light

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The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed…Addendum

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 4:14pm

A political circus of a dark and dank nature continues to draw an audience when that circus should really just pack up its tents and go home…and I’m speaking of the political circus known as Kavanaugh v. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford…a woman who I believe is nothing but a Democrat bought and paid for political whore.

In his article The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed,, my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Craig Andresen laid out why there actually is no case against Judge Kavanaugh by pulling apart his accuser’s own words…words that give no tangible evidence whatsoever of a crime ever having been committed…a crime of attempted rape that supposedly happened 36 years ago.

Briefly, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sent a letter back in July to Rep. Diane Feinstein (Ca-D) accusing now Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in high school. For 36 years not a peep out of this woman…for 36 years in all the background checks run on Brett Kavanaugh as he worked his way up the judicial ladder not one accusation of any such kind surfaced…but now as a vote was set to be taken on Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court a letter sent by Dr. Ford to Rep. Diane Feinstein back in July is suddenly made public. And so the circus begins…send in the Democrat clowns.

And a circus it remains even though Dianne Feinstein herself recently stated in regards to Dr. Ford’s accusations that, “I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know.” And if the woman who sat on this letter for months because she questioned its validity now is stating just that, one has to wonder what is really going on.

Well I can tell you what’s going on…all the Trump-hating Democrats…and sadly some Republicans too…will say and do anything to stop the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the High Court just because he’s Trump’s nominee…and a conservative nominee at that. And while this eleventh hour accusation against the good judge is grandstanding at its very worst, in this country even a liar has the right to be heard but no one has the right to stall a Senate vote based upon their political agenda alone.

And such is the case with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, an uber liberal, pink p**** hat wearing professor at one of California’s bastions of higher indoctrination. And with her retaining known Democrat operative Debra Katz as her attorney and doing so even before all this became an unabashed three-ring circus…the left’s cause and effect becomes perfectly clear…either stop Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment in full now or if said appointment can’t be stopped at least put off the vote until after the midterm elections.

Believing that such a delay would give Democrats time to “power-up” their base to get out and vote this November against both the party and a president who thinks that someone who (allegedly) assaults women should sit on the High Court is but part one of their so very convoluted thought process. And the second part…if they could stop Kavanaugh from being seated now the Democrat’s figure they could then stop or at least stonewall any other Trump Supreme Court nominee until 2020 when hopefully one of their own would become president, thus turning the High Court back to the left.

Convoluted thinking indeed along with the fact that the Democrat hierarchy still believes that even if somehow Brett Kavanaugh was conformed that he would be rendered judicially impotent if seated…impotent enough to where all his oral and written arguments would be questioned thus tying up the High Court’s decisions for months or maybe even for years, and that they would then get to blame President Trump for the now already right-leaning Supreme Court not doing its job in a timely manner. Just goes to show that for the Democrats even a loss can be twisted into a win…in their minds alone that is.

So while the Democrats are now using the “rape card” in a last ditch desperate attempt to block the Kavanaugh nomination… especially since the “race card” seems not to be usable in Kavanaugh’s case…let me bring up but a few other scenarios the Democrats had hoped would work against Kavanaugh but didn’t, and why in the end the Republicans will prevail with Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next Supreme Court justice.

When these allegations of a sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh first surfaced and while the accuser still remained nameless, the Democrats had hoped that with Brett Kavanaugh being a good decent family man, a faithful husband, a father of two young girls, and a church going man as well, that he would withdraw his name from nomination if for no other reason than to spare his family the heartache and embarrassment of not just the accusation itself, but of the sure to come three-ring circus the media would have it become.

But the Democrats never even entertained the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh was a man of true inner strength and conviction…a man who boldly stated on day one and has not wavered since that said accusation never happened and that he would fight this until both his integrity was restored and the allegation was exposed as the lie that it is.

And by his standing strong against such a grievous accusation, Brett Kavanaugh actually forced his accusers name into being made public whether it be by the Democrat’s themselves or by a leaker. Just getting Christine Blasey Ford’s name out in the public domain not only put a name and face to Kavanaugh’s accuser, but it actually now gave Republicans the upper hand for one can successfully fight against a real person, one cannot successfully fight against someone who cowardly hides behind anonymity.

And with Kavanaugh’s accuser being named, it is she who is now rightfully under the microscope so to speak, and what is seen of her life and her comings and goings should make people think twice about the motive behind sexual allegations being used to push forward a political agenda. Again, you can read about some of that in Craig’s article The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed, but here I will add to what he has written for new information has come forth about Christine Blasey Ford’s possible motive in making such an unfounded untruthful accusation and it ain’t pretty at all.

Besides Dr. Ford being an avowed liberal Democrat and vehemently anti-Trump, her apparent hatred for Brett Kavanaugh might have nothing to do with an attempted rape that never happened, but might have to do with a twisted revenge of sorts against his mother for putting her parents through what she perceived as monetary hell so to speak.

Briefly, Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, then Maryland State Circuit Court Judge Martha Kavanaugh, was the judge in a 1996 property foreclosure case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, Christine Blasey Ford’s parents. And even though this foreclosure case occurred many years after the alleged incident with Brett Kavanaugh took place, and while other judges presided earlier in the foreclosure process, it was Kavanaugh’s mother who issued the rulings that while allowing the Blasey’s to keep their home did so via a very costly settlement/refinancing deal with the lender, United Mortgage & Loan Investment Corp. And while Judge Martha Kavanaugh did grant a voluntary motion to dismiss the case in January 1997, foreclosure proceedings are something that follows one regarding any future home or property purchases. The Blaseys sold their home in 2011 with some saying at a loss due to lawyers fees and refinancing costs of the foreclosure case.

And guess who first started making sexual accusations against Brett Kavanaugh to her therapist in 2012…Christine Blasey Ford. A wee bit too coincidental time wise if you ask me.

But the timeline itself could be somewhat telling for 2012 heralded in Obama’s last term in office and assurances of a Democrat line of succession became paramount on the Democrats “to do” list. And so people were lined up, lists were made, background investigations were done, and stories were concocted to ruin any Republicans chance of regaining the White House in 2016. Never thinking that someone like Donald Trump would ever win the presidency, the Democrats were in meltdown mode until Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death when they saw a possibility of at least sidetracking the Trump presidency. And what better way to do so than to deny him the ability to turn the High Court to the right for possibly generations to come.

However, after having failed to stop Neil Gorsuch from being appointing to the bench, the Democrats turned their sights on now nominee Brett Kavanaugh, did their homework, went back through their files of sorts, and came up with Democrat activist Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who they discovered had made sexual accusations against the newest nominee to a therapist. Building on the unprovability of a decades old accusation…knowing well that “he said-she said” sexual allegations in today’s “#MeToo” environment could possibly work in their favor leads us to where we are now.

“He attacked me”
”he tried to rape me””I thought he was going to kill me”…all words out of the mouth of Christine Blasey Ford against a man who says he was not even there. A true “he said-she said” scenario but one whose purpose is to both ruin a good man’s career and stonewall a president they feel stole an election from the woman whose presidency was to be Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s third term in office.

What a mess this has turned out to be.

And so the woman who said that she was more than willing to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about the alleged attack has now changed her mind and says that the F.B.I. should investigate the “incident” before senators even hold a hearing on the allegations…a hearing which was scheduled for this upcoming Monday. Besides the fact that the F.B.I. does not do investigations of this nature, there’s nothing like in-our-face stonewalling to delay the Kavanaugh vote until after the midterm election.

The once three ring circus has morphed into the circus of the absurd for now Christine Blasey Ford claims she is being threatened by the far-right and fears for her safety. But I say the only thing this woman is being threatened by is the fact that she will be proven to be a liar for the only witness to the supposed attack…Mark Judge..a witness Ford herself claims was there…says Brett Kavanaugh was not even in the house at the time the attack supposedly took place.

So where does this leave the political circus of the absurd now…Sen. Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee said that “After learning of the allegation, Chairman @ChuckGrassley took immediate action to ensure both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh have the opportunity to be heard, in public or private. Republicans extended a hand in good faith. If we don’t hear from both sides on Monday, let’s vote.”

And how right Sen. Corker is for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford never intended to appear anywhere…this was always made-up nonsense to push forward the Democrats anti-Trump agenda and nothing more with Brett Kavanaugh being but collateral damage in a war the Democrats will not win.

Remember the words “Let’s Roll”…well here are two more words to remember “Let’s Vote.”

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen’s blog The National Patriot to read his latest article Vetting the Credibility of Kavanaugh’s Accuser‘.


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No Obama, “You didn’t build that”

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 1:21pm

“You didn’t build that” were words from Barack Obama, knocking successful achievement of Americans.

In 2016, Donald Trump was pushing his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, vowing to create more jobs by negotiating a better deal for Americans.  Obama responded, “How exactly are you going to negotiate that?  What magic wand do you have?”

Through better deals, lower taxes, with less government restrictions and regulations, Trump has created a booming economy, perhaps the best in our country’s history, with record breaking unemployment for women, youths, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanic Americans!  Yes Obama, Trump built that!  Trump didn’t wave a magic wand.  Trump is a business man and kept his promises to the American people despite obstacles from Democrats and the Washington swamp of corrupt politicians.

Trump built a stock market to an all time high, building future retirement and 401k for all Americans.  Trump built an America first agenda, renegotiating NAFTA and unfair tariffs with other nations as promised.  Trump built energy independence through oil and coal exploration as well as the Keystone pipeline.  Trump built American security, protecting America from terrorism.  When was the last time we heard from ISIS?  Quietly, ISIS has been destroyed and our military is ever stronger.  The Veterans Administration is being held accountable to help our veterans.  Jerusalem is now the recognized capital of Israel.  North Korea has agreed to dismantle their nuclear weapons. Illegal immigration has been reduced and MS-13, human traffickers, and drug cartels are being targeted through a task force to reduce crime.

Yes, Trump has built that and so much more!

On the other hand, what has Obama built?  Obama built a doubling of our National Debt and the highest number of Americans ever recorded on Food Stamps.  Obama built Obamacare, resulting in people losing their doctor and medical coverage.  Obama built a failing deal with Iran, giving billions of tax dollars to a regime that vows to destroy America and “wipe Israel from the face of the earth”.  Obama built ISIS, created through policies to release detainees in Iraq from prison.  Obama built the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap, releasing five ranking terrorists, who ultimately were responsible for killing Americans.  Obama built the scandal of Benghazi, ignoring warnings which resulted in Americans being killed.  Obama built the scandal, what was known as Fast and Furious, where weapons were supplied to Mexican drug cartels and ultimately used to kill to American Border Patrol Agents.  Obama opened the border to criminals.  Obama built racial tension and brought division to an all-time high of disrespect and attacks against police officers.  Obama built gender confusion, allowing men into the women’s bathroom.

Yes Obama, you built that!

So if Obama and the Democrats want to tell America how bad Trump is; then why would Obama and the Democrats try to take credit for everything Trump has done?

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be reached at [email protected]

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Transgender Recruiting Plans Include Your Kids

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 12:06pm

Ryan T. Anderson, the author of ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment’, gave a speech last week at Catholic University of America.

It was all very dignified and featured a walking–on–eggshells atmosphere. Yet under Anderson’s proper and decorous message was a stark warning for parents: Gender Red Guards are seizing the curriculum in government schools and they are coming for your kids.

Rick McKee The Augusta Chronicle

Or as Anderson has tweeted, “transgenderism is a belief system that increasingly looks like a cultish religion…being forced on the public by the state.”

“Today the focus [of transgenderism] tends to be on children,” Anderson warns. There are already 45 clinics that specialize in children and essentially function as recruitment depots.

“The standard of care is self–reinforcing” in a children’s gender jumble clinic. These clinics make sure that once a child has expressed even the most tentative misgivings regarding their “assigned gender” the staff makes sure there is no backsliding on the part of the child or the parents.

Left to their own devices 80 to 95 percent of the boys and girls who are gender–confused will happily revert to their gender before they become adults. Transgenderists can’t tolerate that level of attrition. A movement to normalize the abnormal can’t succeed if the numbers remain just a miniscule fringe of the total population.

These children’s clinics are a sexual Checkpoint Charlie. Once the child crosses over he’s behind the Berlin Gender Wall, never to be allowed to return.

Here the power of the state enforces transgender conformity. Many child welfare commissars consider it child abuse to send the kid to counseling that seeks to have them accept reality and accept their real gender. Instead a boy who is too young to experiment with a new pack of Virginia Slims can be encouraged by the government to start down the road to a new vagina.

This transgender ideology and its implementation by ‘child welfare’ bureaucrats is “systematically undermining parental authority.”

Inside the clinic parents are presented with a Trans for Tots regime where one size fits all. A three–year–old that just finished toddling, but is sexually wise beyond his years will begin “social transitioning.” The child gets a new name, new gender and starts playing for a new team as he lives as the opposite sex.

As the child approaches puberty it’s unthinkable that he undergo the process in the wrong body. The child is given a drug cocktail for life that blocks the onset of puberty and as Anderson terms it, “traps the child in a pre–pubescent body.” That’s an ideal development for ‘caregivers’ who also happen to be pedophiles.

Then as early as the freshman year of high school the process of producing the right body begins. Puberty blockers are traded for hormone treatment. As the 18th birthday approaches — earlier for some particularly zealous surgeons — surgical reassignment is possible. Although the new euphemism for this is irreversible body vandalism is “gender affirmation surgery.”

Anderson describes the ideology snaring these children as, “Radical expressive individualism combined with ruthless paternalism.”

And make no mistake these children’s gender clinics are practicing Mengele Medicine. Physicians and good Germans on the staff are experimenting on helpless children to advance an ideologically–driven medical theory with no basis in fact.

The parents are not told there are no long–term studies of the effects of this treatment on children. “The treatment is entirely experimental,” Anderson notes. Doctors don’t tell parents they are making it up as the go along.

If parents or the child has second thoughts, the lies begin. They’re told puberty blockers are reversible. “What they mean is the doctor hopes normal puberty will commence if the drugs are stopped,” Anderson explained. “They don’t know. There’s no ‘Pause’ button for puberty.”

Even worse the drugs parents are told to give the children are not FDA tested or approved for use in gender experimentation. The drugs are being used off label without government approval.

Even after ‘successful’ surgery that’s supposed to solve the problems of these deeply disturbed and programmed children, 41 percent will still attempt suicide after their operation. Even the Obama administration admitted in 2016 no study has found a long–term benefit from ‘gender affirmation’ surgery.

How can you protect your children from being swept up in this malign mania? Home schooling is a surefire solution. If that’s not possible, ask your school board if schools use the ‘Gender Unicorn’ or otherwise discuss transgenderism. If the answer is ‘yes’ have your kids opt out of the class.

Teach your children a biblically–based orientation to sex. Yes, it’s awkward. And yes, the kids may whine. But I guarantee if you don’t do it, the government schools will, and you may not like the outcome.

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