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Russian lawyer questions why Mueller hasn’t contacted her

4 hours 28 min ago


The Russian attorney who discussed sanctions with Donald Trump Jr. in New York during his father’s 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller has not contacted her yet.

While being interviewed by the Associated Press, Natalia Veselnitskaya also detailed her recent meeting in Berlin with investigators from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. Like Mueller, the committee is investigating allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

In June of 2016, Veselnitskaya met with then-candidate Donald Trump’s son, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman at the time, Paul Manafort, after Trump Jr. was told the Russian lawyer had potentially incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

Mueller is still trying to find evidence of collusion, between the Trump campaign and Russia. In her interview, Veselnitskaya alleges that if Mueller’s team never questions her, it would mean that it “is not working to discover the truth.”

Veselnitskaya is a well-connected Moscow lawyer who has worked with a company called Prevezon Holdings Ltd. The company’s owner is the son of a former Russian government official and a fierce advocate for rolling back U.S. sanctions on Russia.

At the time of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting she defended Prevezon against charges it had engaged in money laundering from a $230 million Russian tax fraud scheme.

Trump has denied that he or his campaign coordinated with any Russian attempts to interfere in the election.

Meanwhile the  Senate Intelligence Committee has expressed interest in determining whether Veselnitskaya’s appointment with Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort was part of a Russian government effort to help President Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House. It was described that way in emails to Trump Jr. before it took place.

Still, there are many congressional committees that are looking into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election and whether there were collusion by Trump’s campaign. The House Intelligence Committee has finished its investigation and said it found no evidence of collusion or coordination with Russians.

The Senate Intelligence Committee approached Veselnitskaya earlier this year, but she refused to go the United States, saying she feared for her safety. The lawyer and the committee’s investigators instead met in a Berlin hotel on March 26 and talked for three hours.

The investigators mainly wanted to know about Trump Tower meeting, she said. Veselnitskaya said she repeated her previous statements about it, insisting that she was not linked to the Russian government and merely wanted to discuss sanctions against Russia.

According to Veselnitskaya, the Berlin interview also focused on information in memos compiled by a former British spy whose work was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign. The dossier contains numerous allegations of Russian ties to Trump, his associates and the Trump campaign.

She said the dossier was absolute nonsense.

When asked why she decided to meet with the U.S. investigators in Berlin, Veselnitskaya said she felt compelled to tell her account after being into the heart of the Russia probe.

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Trump says may tie Mexican immigration control to NAFTA

5 hours 4 min ago


President Donald Trump is threatening to make Mexican immigration control a condition of a new NAFTA agreement on Monday, saying the southern U.S. neighbor must stop illegal immigrants from getting into the United States.

On Twitter, Trump said that Mexico, whose laws on immigration are very tough, must stop people from going through Mexico and into the U.S. We may make this a condition of the new NAFTA Agreement.

President Trump made similar threats linking NAFTA, known formally as the North American Free Trade Agreement, and immigration when a “caravan” of migrants moved through Mexico earlier this month.

On April 1 he wrote that Mexico must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA.

Although discussion of immigration controls has not been a part of formal negotiations on the new NAFTA accord and talks by all accounts – including Trump’s – are progressing.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, speaking at the Hanover trade fair in Germany on Monday, said he hoped for agreement soon on a reworked NAFTA, which includes Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Nieto said differences between the parties could be overcome to revamp the 24-year-old accord, which underpins some $1.2 trillion in annual trilateral trade.

Representatives from the three nations were to meet again in Washington on Tuesday as they push to wrap up a deal.

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There Was This Guy . . .

7 hours 16 min ago

There was this guy. . .

He had a funny mustache, whinny voice, and everybody got a big laugh when he, and his scattered followers had rallies ranting and raving, offering crazy solutions for national problems far above their feeble understanding. When he fired a pistol in a beer hall, and ended up in jail everyone thought it was a done deal, but then he wrote a book.

The general population will take stupidity for only so long. This guy lived in a world where his nation lost a war they shouldn’t have lost, the banking system was so out of control that people had to take a basket full of money to the store to buy bread, and poverty and starvation had reduced the level of morality down to about the level of Ancient Rome at the Coliseum on a Saturday night.

Group think is a powerful thing. When you get a majority thinking, “We don’t have much, but we got each other,” you develop a strong political force that’s hard to contend with. Strong nationalism develops, and on the surface that’s not such a bad thing. This guy began to take back land that had been lost during the war. The people in those lands didn’t resist, they welcomed him. They basically spoke the same language, and had fond memories of “back in the day.” It would be like Texas taking back all the land ceded to the United States when it came into the union. Not such a bad thing. Who would it hurt?

The economy improved. To acquire territory one must have military, support personnel, commissary, and all the trappings of a modern military industrial complex. There were investors and support from surprising sources that created the perfect illusion of a well oiled economic and political machine. Employment soured, beer flowed, and pretty girls sunbathed on the beach. This guy was so popular Time Magazine made him the man of the year.

This guy figured that all of the ills that had befallen his nation after the last war was the fault of one segment of the population. A group of people who never did fit in, gave the impression that even during economic depression, they had money to burn, and kept to themselves. It never dawned on the followers of this guy that these people, too, had suffered during, and after the war. They were just prudent! They knew that coin could become cash if you just squeezed hard enough, but that flew right by this guy’s head. He had to find a solution. A FINAL solution!

He said in five years you wouldn’t recognize his country, and in that prediction, he was right. The flaming, blind nationalism he ignited burned his nation to the ground. His followers saw conditions far worse than any following the previous war. The scars on the land and minds of the people are still there to this day. A bomb that was developed because of the urgency of the war effort, a bomb that most likely wouldn’t have been pursued otherwise, still looms over our heads as of this weekend’s headlines.

Wanna know the scary part? This guy lives! Remember the book! It’s still there. You can download it for free. Remember the few followers? They had a rally this weekend. Our country has been shattered, and divided by one of the worst eight years we’ve ever been through. There IS racism in America. Reinforced by that administration. Morality? Out the window. National consciousness? Get outta here. Aliens have poured over our borders like kids in a candy store. Americans are fed up!

But, the ideology of that era so long ago is alive and well, and it can grow. If we aren’t careful, there will be another meeting in a beer hall, and after it’s all said and done . . . there was this guy!

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Staffers to Barbara Bush Funeral So They Could ‘Pay Their Respects’

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 6:42pm

Melania Trump attended the funeral of Barbara Bush on Saturday with two very special guests by her side: private resident staffers who had worked under the former first lady during her years in the White House.

“Mrs. Trump brought George Hainey, former head Maître D’at the White House, and Buddy Carter, a current butler, to the funeral with her as invited guests,” White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham told PEOPLE. “She knew they were very close to the Bush family and wanted them to be able to pay their respects.”

Bush, who died at 92 on Tuesday, was laid to rest by her large and loving family on the grounds of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Read More:


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Melania Trump’s Radiant Smile For Barack Obama at Barbara Bush’s Funeral Lit Up the Internet

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 6:36pm

Donald Trump may have chosen not to attend Barbara Bush’s funeral on Saturday, but social media users still found a way to talk about him in his absence.

After the president’s wife Melania Trump was spotted smiling and sharing a laugh with Barack Obama before the service in Houston, it didn’t take long before social media users began to joke about how even though she was at a funeral, she appeared to be having a good time away from her husband.

“Melania looks happier at a funeral than she has in ages. Wouldn’t you too if you went from being with Donald every day to sitting next to Barack?” wrote one social media user.

One of Hillary Clinton’s aides Philippe Reines added, “Obama is a funny guy, but that’s a woman craving distance from a monster being reminded what dignity looks like.”

Read More:

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All The News That’s Fit To Print

Sun, 04/22/2018 - 10:57am

All the news that’s fit to print!

“If you see a nude guy walking around this morning call the police department,” Don Aaron of the Metro Police Department told WTVF.”

This is the kind of news we all wake up to every morning. When CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and all the other “Cs” aren’t telling us to stick our heads between our legs, and kiss our butts goodbye because some gook in North Korea didn’t get his Lucky Charms this morning, or Putin ran out of vodka, they’re going in depth with a story about some naked idiot shooting up a Waffle House which is really a back handed grab at the second amendment. Oh, here’s another one:

“Neo-Nazi Rally Draws About Two Dozen People and Upends a Small Georgia City.”

That’s a real headline folks. You can’t make this stuff up. I’m copying and pasting here. Who gives two craps about a couple dozen Georgia Nazis waving a swastika flag around? (I thought those people were all supposed to be KKK! What happened to tradition?) Check this news out:

“In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million. Both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation.”

That’s a real headline people! I’m just running down my news feed reading what the Main Stream Media considers to be relevant! If they’re short on women where do all the freaking babies come from? I know where all the girls went. e-Harmony! Coming to America! Build that wall! We haven’t hit any real news yet. And they say I’m scatter shot!

Ever read the ingredients in any over the counter medicine? There’ll be some chemical on there, “StinkyNookieDryUp,” or something like that, which will be .0001%, and right under that will be something called “Inert ingredients” (That would be water for the inquisitive minds out there) and those inert ingredients comprise 99.999% of the package. THAT’S MSM news feeds right there!  Inert News!

Most, if not all Main Stream news commentators wouldn’t know a real story if it ran up and peed on their leg. I get more information out of this three legged cat that mooches a meal off me every night. I have a friend, Terri, in North Carolina who has a relative who told her, “I just love to get up in the morning, have my coffee, and listen to CNN.” Why doesn’t she just listen to Curious George?” Wanna know the scary part? That nimrod VOTES! She really believes that the story about Trump’s past girlfriends has legs. She buys into the idea that Obama is running a shadow government, the Pope is the devil, and Bruce Gender is a real woman! Only in America! That don’t happen in Mexico because for all the bad press, the Mexicans know what’s important. Selling more dope to the ever expanding American market.

So, in the spirit of “Fair and Balanced,” I’m gonna leave you with a few links to my weekly compilations. Compilations of compilations. Click through paridise. I’m an Op-Ed writer so I can use tons of innuendo, if not outright lie, which is cool because it puts me along the same lines as the “respectable” news sources a lot of people rely on religiously. Know where the real news is? Those two black guys you always see sitting in front of the barber shop. Listen to them, and you’ll never go wrong!

From WWIII to Starbucks

Dear Mr Zuckerberg

How To Succeed In Writing One, Two, Three

This Week

Boing Boing Boing

The Monster

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Iran vows ‘expected and unexpected’ moves if U.S. exits nuclear deal

Sat, 04/21/2018 - 9:58pm
Saturday Iranian President  Hassan Rouhani said that Iran’s atomic agency was ready with “expected and unexpected” reactions if the United States pulls out of a multinational nuclear deal, as U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to do.


Rouhani said Iran’s atomic energy organization is fully prepared … for actions that they expect and actions they do not expect. He was possibly referring to a possible decision by Trump to leave the accord next month.

The deal  between Iran, the United States and five other world powers put curbs on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

President Trump has called the deal the worst ever. Back in January, he sent an ultimatum to Britain, France and Germany, saying they must agree to fix what the United States sees as the deal’s flaws or he would refuse to extend the critical U.S. sanctions relief that it entails.

Washington has been having “intense” discussions with European allies ahead of the May 12 deadline, when U.S. sanctions against Iran will resume unless Trump issues new waivers to suspend them.

Iran though, has said it will stick to the accord as long as the other parties respect it, but will “shred” the deal if Washington pulls out. According to Iran, they have several options if the United States leaves the nuclear deal.

Rouhani said his government intended to prevent instability in the foreign exchange market after a possible Washington exit from the nuclear accord when the central bank this month slapped controls on markets.

April 9, Iran moved to formally unify the country’s official and open market exchange rates and banned money changing outside of banks, after its currency, the rial, plunged to an all-time low on concerns over a return of crippling sanctions.

Cleric Rouhani has advocated expanding social freedoms, criticized moves by his powerful hardline opponents to restrict access to social media, including blocking access to the popular messaging app Telegram.

But this week, Iranian media said  that government bodies were banned from using Telegram after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s office said his account would shut down to protect national security.

Then in January, Iran temporarily blocked Telegram, with an estimated 40 million users in Iran, as security forces sought to contain anti-government protests in more than 80 cities. Many Iranians kept accessing Telegram then, using virtual private networks (VPNs) and other tools to bypass government filtering.

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From WWIII to Starbucks

Sat, 04/21/2018 - 10:44am

From WWIII to Starbucks! What a country! No wonder Texas wants to secede. When President Trump bombed the King of the RagHeads earlier in the week, even Alex Jones ran to the restroom. All the liberals were screaming impeachment, the Brits threw up their hands, and Putin cried, “STOP! Or I’ll say ‘Stop’ again!” No war folks. Next!

Liberals simply cannot understand that Trump is the president. “Not my president!” Yes he IS. OBAMA is not your president. But, to a generation that also says, “Not my gender” what do you expect? In the article “AmeriCAN” I tried to emphasize the word “CAN!” Went right over a lot of vagina-capped heads. That’s what built America. We settle continents because we CAN. We go to the moon because we CAN. We will build that wall because we CAN!

As you all know, I’m a sac-religious old reptile bait, but I admire the Mormons. Not their religion, of course, but their audacity. They left the dis-United States, and settled beside a salty lake just so they could practice what they believed. Now in my opinion about the only good idea they had was polygamy, but that’s just me. But, when it all boiled down they were AmeriCANS!

We addressed the drug problem this week. Hey folks, I know it would be better if we all chanted mantras, and drank only spring water, but it’s never gonna happen. The human animal will consistently do the opposite of that which is good for him. Doing over and over and over again that which does not work. I’m a prime example. Been married six times. Wait. Was it six or seven? No, Sandra didn’t count. She was a Love Buddy.

In the middle of the week we got a little inspiration. Captain Shults stood tall in her cockpit and brought one hundred and fifty nine souls safety to land after her plane was stricken. This is what makes America great. She is an AmeriCAN!

Of course I took my weekly swipe at Mark Zuckerberg. As you know, I’m shifting away from Facebook toward MeWe because Facebook simply doesn’t work. I already know what my lunch looks like, and I don’t need a date. I made note that the CEO of Facebook was sitting on a stack of phone books so as to appear talker when confronted by Ted Cruz. Mark rewarded me by putting and algorithm on my page assuring that I was frozen in place. Haven’t received a comment there since I wrote the article. But, he has a cute wife.

And finally! Starbucks! Starbucks finally fell victim to its own political correctness. Two HomeBoys strolled Into their anti gun, pro-gay, Trump hating world, and brought down the whole house of cards. They completely forgot that they were a company in a capitalist nation founded upon the principle that Snowflakes WILL pay five dollars for a fifty cent cup of coffee. And, yet again, they do that because they CAN!

Coffee is Black, and so am I, So Why Can’t I Use The Restroom?

MeWe The Next Generation

Southwest 1380, we’re single engine

Here We Go Again



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Trump’s next $100 billion tariff dilemma: hit Wal-Mart or Apple Store?

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 9:33pm


In the next few days, new Chinese imports will be taxed, and consumers may be about to directly feel the effects of the trade fight started by U.S. President Trump with China and other countries this year.

In January, Trump imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, and in March, Trump moved to levy steel and aluminum in March along with about $50 billion in other goods.

But after China responded with a list of U.S. goods that would be subject to tariffs, Trump raised the stakes on April 4 by directing the U.S. Trade Representative to consider $100 billion in additional levies.

And recent data says that  Chinese imports shows that to quickly reach $100 billion worth of goods to tax, Trump may have to target cellphones, computers, toys, clothing, footwear, furniture and other consumer goods, prompting price rises at U.S. retailers.

But exactly how  much the news tariffs would hit wallets depends on variables that make calculating the impact of the tariffs on individual products hard to measure. Companies can absorb some of the costs, and some companies can shift production in China to other countries, cutting the final bill for America’s shoppers.

Washing machines imported by LG Electronics’ were hit with a 20 percent tariff in January, the company raised U.S. prices by about $50 per machine, or 4 percent to 8 percent.

But LG chose to absorb part of the tariff cost, which was imposed at a time when construction was already well underway on its new U.S. factory that will begin producing washers in late 2018, avoiding U.S. tariffs.

Companies with complex supply chains, mainly those in high technology industries, can also change how their internal costs are charged among subsidiaries to lower their tariff bill.

U.S. supply chains would also be hurt as many consumer electronics products depend on the export of American semiconductors, software and other inputs to China for assembly before being imported back to the United States.

But U.S. allies South Korea, Japan and Taiwan also supply cellphone parts for companies like Apple Inc, including displays, cameras and fingerprint scanners, and would feel the impact.

Trump could get to 1/4 of the way to $100 billion in goods taxed by levying toys, games and sporting goods, categories with little U.S. content that totaled about $25.5 billion from China in 2017.

But China made up 81.5% of all U.S. imports in this group, meaning that there would be few alternative sources for importers that could blunt the tariff impact on consumers.

The Census Data says that there are approximately  7,600 consumer and industrial goods still available for tariffs with a combined value of $101 billion where China accounts for 40 percent or less of U.S. imports and so could possibly be sourced elsewhere.

Many of these involve small-scale production and a wide range of goods sold in U.S. chain stores such as Wal-Mart, including clothing, pet food and lighting fixtures.

While the availability of these items in other countries could help limit price rises, there would still be disruptions for retailers with long-established supply chains.

Also the US receives $402 million in Christmas tree lights, made in China. During the 2016 election campaign Trump argued that tariffs were needed to punish China for misappropriating U.S. technology and to bring jobs and industry back to the U.S., but studies of the 2002 steel tariffs enacted by the Bush administration show that they caused more job losses than job gains.

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Iowa governor signs into law ban on ‘sanctuary cities’

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 4:31pm

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed into law an immigration enforcement bill that bans so-called sanctuary cities.

The Republican governor signed the bill privately Tuesday. The news was tucked into a press release about 16 other bill signings.

The legislation will require law enforcement to follow requests from federal agents to hold a jailed person suspected of being in the country illegally. Local governments risk losing state funding if they don’t comply with the law.

Attorneys say the provision could open the state to litigation. Community organizers argue the bill will lead to racial profiling.

Lawmakers who supported the measure called it a public safety issue. Reynolds highlighted the legislation in a gubernatorial fundraising email.

Sanctuary cities is a catch-all label for jurisdictions that limit local involvement in federal immigration enforcement. Iowa doesn’t have any sanctuary cities.

Read More:

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Arizona Poll: Dr. Kelli Ward Has 9 Point Lead in GOP U.S. Senate Primary

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 4:21pm
A poll on the U.S. Senate race in Arizona released Thursday shows that Dr. Kelli Ward has a nine point lead over her nearest rival for the Republican nomination, which will be determined in the August 28 primary.

Ward leads with 36 percent of the vote, followed by Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) with 27 percent, and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio with 22 percent of the vote. Fifteen percent of the voters are undecided.

The poll of 302 likely Republican primary voters was conducted by OH Predictive Insights for ABC 15 Arizona over the two days between April 10 and April 11 and has a margin of error of 5.64 percent.

“Currently, Ward has an advantage of nine points over McSally where Ward’s approval comes from Donald Trump backers. Among those that said they had a very favorable opinion of President Trump, which was 49% of the total sample, Ward took 39% of those voters. Joe Arpaio received 30% of that vote while McSally only acquired 25%,” a featured storystatement from OH Predictive Insights/ABC 15 Arizona about the poll noted.

Read More:

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Coffee is Black, and so am I, So Why Can’t I Use The Restroom?

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 1:42pm

Coffee is black, and so am I, so why can’t I use the restroom? Political correctness and the race card have become an integral part of our daily lives. We’ve become numb to the accepted belief that, as Crackers, the white contingency of America has been the main problem with the country, and if we’ll just darken up, or as Oprah suggested, die off, the world will be a whole lot better. Enter Starbucks into the foray!

Every now and then God gives us a little gift. Starbucks has been at the forefront of liberal gibberish forEVER! First, they invented the five dollar cup of coffee. Hey! I ain’t even gonna lie to you. I’ve drank it. Then, they forbid smoking on their lovely deck. I used to enjoy a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and the free WiFi in the morning until they did that. I still do, I just do it at home. They no longer get my five bucks. Hey Starbucks! So what’s it like being a rocket scientist? Then, they overrode state licenses and banned guns from their establishment. Nothing like getting your tail blown off by a homeboy while drinking an overpriced cup of Joe, having an intellectual discussion on the finer points of being queer! Well, Karma is a bitch, and you always gotta pay her alimony. So it was with Starbucks!

Rosa Parks stepped on a bus, sat down in the wrong seat, and changed history. Two homeboys strolled into Starbucks, asked to take a piss, and commanded the attention of the entire planet! What’s wrong with this picture. Actually, I think it’s funny as hell. The corporate management of Starbucks stood there with their politically correct faces hanging out. Gonna shut down the entire company for a full day to teach all their employees not to say the word, “Nigger” when stirring up a latté! You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Ok, let’s analyze this event. Save your fork, this is gonna get good. Two black men enter the establishment. They sit, without ordering anything. By and by One asks to use the restroom. They are told the facility is for customers only. Damnedest thing I ever heard of. A café telling someone they have to BUY something in order to enjoy the benefits of being there. Well, the men informed the manager that they had rights! They came in there to crap, and they ain’t leaving till they’ve crapped! Only in America! Well, only in the northern states. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Poop rights! So, here comes the PoPo. Again, these two fine examples of liberal logic for our young people stood their ground until they got taken to the cop shop. I guess there was free coffee there.

Ok, put your thinking caps on. Why were those guys in Starbucks? They obviously didn’t own five dollars. They obviously didn’t wake up, shower, clean up, and prepared for a productive day. They claimed that they were waiting to meet someone there. I’ll bet they were! Then, all three could go to the restroom, and complete the drug deal they were there for, and the manager and police KNEW it! Even the Mafia orders spaghetti when showing up for a hit. Watch the “Godfather!”

Look, let’s all pull our heads out of Mr Butt. These guys were thugs. Sorry to be the first one to tell you that. As a society, we’ve become accustomed to looking the other way as folks like these wear their pants down to their knees, call their “baby mama” ho’s and couldn’t construct a comprehensive sentence if they had the instructions printed on their funny backwards cap. They have brought shame
and degradation down on decent black people as black children began to take their behavior as the new normal. Simple things like you go to a coffee shop to buy COFFEE eludes them because everything is a race card. Coffee is black, and so am I, so why can’t I use the restroom?

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New emails bolster GOP claims of FBI, DOJ ‘coordination’ on Clinton case response

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 9:39pm
Fox News has just reviewed some emails from February 2016, that suggests the FBI and DOJ worked together to craft a response to a key development in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, amid newly raised Republican concerns about a “concerning level of coordination” between the two agencies during the probe.Those newly released emails concern the period after 22 messages with “Top Secret” information were found on the former secretary of state’s personal email server.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows cited them in a letter earlier this week claiming former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress – in which he downplayed FBI-DOJ coordination on the Clinton case – may be at odds with documents suggesting “frequent” coordination.

But Comey specifically stated in a public testimony, that he did not coordinate with the DOJ for his July 2016 public recommendation not to pursue charges against Clinton. Meadows, however, pointed to a series of messages he claims indicate potential coordination at several “crucial moments of the investigation” – including the July statement and the period in February.

Although the FBI is a part of the DOJ, and communication between the two agencies is inevitable, Meadows’ letter also suggests some at the FBI were concerned about the perception it was not acting independently in a politically explosive case.

Those February emails reviewed by Fox News start on Feb. 8, 2016, when Gregory Starr, then the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, told FBI Head of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap that the State Department was prepared to punish those responsible for the misplaced messages.

Starr said that the State Department  is prepared to take appropriate administrative action for any instances of mishandling of classified information in accordance with our own internal processes

But he added that the department did not want to hinder the ongoing FBI investigation and, if instructed, would postpone the “administrative action” over the emails until after the bureau’s case had concluded.

Then on February 13,  an unidentified senior Justice Department official wrote to FBI agent Peter Strzok, Jonathan Moffa of the FBI’s criminal division and the bureau’s Office of General Counsel, as well as members of the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Meanwhile the State Department took no immediate administrative action over the 22 “Top Secret” emails on Clinton’s email server. Many of those involved in the matter had left the department by the time the FBI investigation closed in July 2016.

Meadows has gotten support for his inquiry from House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.

Then on Wednesday, Gowdy asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to review allegations of coordination between the FBI and the Justice Department in the Clinton investigation.


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MeWe The Next Generation

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 12:46pm

MeWe is not as robust as Facebook. Well, Facebook is robust so long as you are a liberal, pinko, commie fag. If you’re a conservative, not so much. As of right now I haven’t received any comments in any of my Tea Party Tribune articles since I scalded Mark Zuckerberg during his song and dance in Washington last week.

MeWe is a new service which centers on chat between members. Chat that gets to whom it is sent, which is a big plus if you’re a writer. I’m a writer. Several times in the last four years I’ve thrown up my hands in disgust and stopped using Facebook, but there was simply no place else to go.

As you can see, it’s virtually impossible to voice your opinion to Zuckerberg, I like Donald Trump

I employ many outlets across the board. The Dam Good Times, Tea Party Tribune, Doc Greene, my own WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but I’ve tried to make Facebook a hub for all of this. In spite of all the evidence, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that a company that large, so technically aligned, would really stoop to such childish maneuvers to censor conservative thought. Well, you live and learn.

Mark Zuckerberg sat before the committee for two days, and lied his California ass off! His obvious distain and disrespect for the committee was apparent as he sat on his booster seat. The senators may not have understood all the psychobabble spewing out of this mouth, but I guarantee you they had staff filled with young people who do understand, and in time those people are going to rock Zuckerberg’s world.

MeWe is getting off to a slow start. What I did was began to invite a small group of solid friends, most censored like myself, to join me. As they filtered over I checked their friends list for people I may have overlooked. You see, WE have made mistakes, too. Gathering as many “friends” as you could, fishing for “likes,” pictures of our lunch to five thousand strangers, and of course hitting the old Facebook Jail for saying one of the seven forbidden words, Bible, Trump, heterosexual, queer, Snowflakes, gun, and JESUS!

MeWe is a fresh start. Sure, its clumsy right now, but it’s learning, WE’RE learning! As it grows, if we are vigilant, we will build a good communication network from the ashes of Facebook.

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New York attorney general wants power to bypass Trump pardons

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 9:17pm
Here’s a new one folks, it seems that the New York Attorney General on Wednesday, asked Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislators to give him and other local prosecutors power to bring criminal charges against people pardoned by U.S. President Donald Trump.Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s letter urges  Cuomo and legislative leaders to close a loophole in New York’s double jeopardy law shielding recipients of presidential pardons from state prosecution.This change could make it more difficult  for Trump aides and others who might be pardoned to escape criminal prosecution, even if special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election were curbed or shut down.

President Trump has no constitutional power to pardon state crimes, but Schneiderman said the current law means defendants pardoned for serious federal crimes could be freed from “all accountability” under state criminal law.

Schneiderman, a Democrat in his eighth year as attorney general, has made his office a central figure in blue state challenges to Trump, tangling with the Republican president on such matters as consumer finance, the environment, immigration and the 2020 census.

And Democrat Cuomo  is reviewing Schneiderman’s proposal, and believes that the federal legal system should not provide a basis for any wrong doers to escape justice.

Meanwhile State Senator Todd Kaminsky, also a Democrat, tweeted a plan to introduce a bill closing the loophole.

It’s not known if a revised law can make it through the state senate, which is closely divided between Republicans and Democrats. The office of Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Double jeopardy laws prevent people from being tried twice for the same crime.

Should they succeed in closing the loophole,  lawmakers can ensure that no one accused of breaking New York’s laws will escape accountability merely because of a strategically-timed presidential pardon.

Schneiderman said more than 20 states provide defendants only the minimum required protection against double jeopardy.


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White House: Merkel to meet again with Trump next week

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 12:10pm
Wednesday, officials said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make her second visit to the White House next week to address a broad range of challenges with President Donald Trump.She will arrive to meet with Trump April 27, the White House said in a statement. They will also give a joint news conference in the Rose Garden.

Shortly after Trump took office in 2017, Merkel was one of the first foreign leaders to meet with Trump, in March, just weeks into his presidency — and the pair discussed matters like NATO, the European Union, Russia and trade.

At the first meeting, Trump and Merkel expressed optimism that trade relations with the European Union can more fairly benefit both countries. The German leader also said the world must do more to address the European refugee crisis.

Merkel, Germany’s chancellor since 2005, was re-elected last month.

The  two leaders will reaffirm the German-American partnership — a bedrock of the transatlantic relationship and the NATO Alliance according to the White House.

Merkel acknowledged the opposing positions adopted by Germany, which has taken in large numbers of refugees, and the United States under Trump, which has sought to ban U.S. travel for several of the hardest-hit Muslim countries.

Earlier, Trump said that Merkel was ruining Germany, and made a big mistake by allowing in more than a million refugees and migrants in recent years.


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Southwest 1380, we’re single engine

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 10:36am

“Southwest 1380, we’re single engine,” Tammie Jo Shults, a former fighter pilot with the U.S. Navy, said. “We have part of the aircraft missing so we’re going to need to slow down a bit.” She asked for medical personnel to meet her aircraft on the runway. “We’ve got injured passengers.”

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s not written in stone that they have to be men, either. I’m gonna depart from my usual misogynistic mindset to bow on one knee before a very great lady, CAPTAIN Tammie Shults of Southwest Airlines. When the left engine blew apart yesterday, she calmly reported it as is she had a flat tire, and brought one hundred and fifty nine souls from thirty thousand feet to the tarmac in Philly! In passing, please note it was the LEFT engine that blew, and not the right one. Thought I’d just say that.

Her heart, nerves, and good ol’ Navy training, yeah, that’s right, she was a Navy fighter pilot in a former life, brought that plane down safely. She didn’t panic, defer to the man sitting beside her, or faint. She preserved! She adapted! I believe Captain Shults could’ve landed that plane with NO engines.

Of late, we’ve been barraged by women under the “Me Too” banner. From so called sexual assaults supposedly occurring twenty years ago to ones that popped up only after a man wins the most surprising election victory since Truman beat Dewey, the line to the courthouse stretches around the block. But, Tammie is an AmeriCAN!


While Captain Shults stepped from her Southwest 737 yesterday, Stormy Daniels was stepping in front of a dozen microphones with the liberal media in ecstasy, talking about her alleged $130,000 trick she pulled off twelve years ago. That’s the left’s hero. Tammie is mine!

Tammie’s act of steel nerved bravery will go way over the vagina capped heads of the Me Too generation, but there are one hundred and fifty nine people in the world this morning whose minds are clear like mountain lake! She lost one passenger. Out of her control as she gripped the yoke, and wrestled the 737 to the ground, one poor lady, a business woman, was sucked out of a window, and killed by flying bits of metal from the exploding engine. If there were any justice in the world that would have been Stormy Daniels on her way to service her next “John!”

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Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Listening Tour’ Stops in DC

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 9:50am

It’s ironic that privacy vulture Mark Zuckerberg’s first day of Senate testimony so closely resembled the action in a first–person shooter: 44 waves of poorly programmed, time–limited attackers that didn’t come close to doing any real damage.

It was like Zuckerberg was shooting tunnel rats in Fallout.

Adam Zyglis: The Buffalo News

The Senate questioning was so ineffective Zuckerberg could have gone all Microsoft on the ancient incumbents and just repeated “re–install the system from the original disks” and most couldn’t have told the difference. As Breitbart pointed out, Facebook’s stock price increased the longer the questioning continued.

What do you expect when there’re 44 camera–hogs on the committee and each wants a chance to utter the soundbite heard ‘round the world? There’s only so much time available when chained to Curator of the Senate Mitch McConnell’s grueling half–day schedule.

The Opposition Media was filled with breathless accounts of Zuckerberg’s unstinting preparation for the high–stakes event. He hired media consultants, message consultants and crisis consultants. It was almost as if the nation’s eavesdropper was preparing to convince Kim Jong–Un to add an extra helping of sawdust to the menu for North Korea’s Juche Day celebration.

What he should have hired was a Trump voter.

The question Zuckerberg was totally unprepared to answer explains everything. I tell clients to read the newspaper on the way to a news event. That’s because, regardless of what the session is supposed to be about, a splashy headline will render all the ground rules irrelevant.

The Zuckerberg bubble appears to be impervious to any information from conservatives. He was taken completely aback by Ted Cruz’ (R–Presidential Aspirations) question regarding the banning of black Trump supporters Diamond & Silk.

(Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Zuckerberg claims Facebook AI is already screening terror–related information, but judging from the national peeping–tom’s robotic answers, I’ll wager the AI has also seized the Zuckerbrain. How can one tell when a vape store wooden Indian is expressing emotion?)

Cruz: “There are a great many Americans… deeply concerned that Facebook [is] engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship…Facebook has initially shut down the ‘Chick-fil-A appreciation day page,’ has blocked the post of a Fox News reporter and most recently has blocked the Trump supporters Diamond & Silk’s page after determining that their content and brand were ‘unsafe for the community’.”

Zuckerberg looked like Cruz had accused him of being a member of the TEA Party.

His response was pure insincerity, “I understand where that concern is coming from…This is actually a concern that I have…I think it’s a fair concern…”

Cruz then followed up, “Are you aware of any ad or page that has been taken down from Planned Parenthood? How about How about any Democrat candidate?”

Zuckerberg: “I’m not specifically aware…”

That means no.

Another disturbing development was how Zuckerberg got away with dodging questions. He carried a briefing book into the hearing room that was almost as thick as the booster seat placed on his chair to make him look taller. Evidently the book only contained buzzwords, not answers.

Repeatedly the all–seeing Zuckerberg was able to get away with telling senators, “my team will get back with you.” This is 21st Century’s equivalent of taking the 5th. Instead of using that unpleasant “tend to incriminate me” language, modern dissemblers refer the question to the “team.”

The problems with this are legion. There’s no guarantee his people will get back with the senator’s people. There’s no deadline. There’s no assurance the answer will be true. And worst of all the answer will be given in private, not in public, defeating the purpose of a senate hearing.

Senate and House hearings should extend for two days minimum. The first day politicians attempt to pin down slippery witnesses and the second day the witness has to provide detailed answers to the questions dodged on day one.

This won’t happen for a number of reasons, mainly because it would require effort on the part of Curator McConnell and he’s too busy planning the “long game” for when his feckless ‘leadership’ returns him to the minority.

Trump 2020 campaign manager (at least for this week) Brad Parscale has an excellent, conservative solution to remedying Facebook’s conservative censorship. Zuckerberg boasts about providing “an opportunity to connect with people.” As long as people don’t wish to connect with Facebook.

Parscale suggests Facebook should be required, encouraged, bribed or coerced into publically posting a daily, cumulative listing of all pages, posts and users that have been banned or blocked or otherwise stifled.

“Connect” the public with Facebook’s content decisions so they can judge for themselves if Zuckerberg’s censorship leans left. Sunshine is a great disinfectant, let’s see if it will clear up Facebook’s rash of conservative bans.

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Syria…Beyond the Red Line

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 12:59am

War is a dirty game replete with casualties. Collateral damage…as in civilian deaths…is part of the nature of war, but when it’s children who die only then does the world mourn. And when those children are gassed and die gasping for breath only then does it seem that the world gets a conscience and a will to fight back.

“The evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children, thrashing in pain and gasping for air. These are not the actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead,” President Trump said upon hearing that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had once again (allegedly) used chemical weapons against innocent civilians.

Using 105 missiles…double the number used last year after we took out targeted chemical warehouses after the gas attack at Khan Shaykhun…an attack never definitely proven to be the handiwork of al-Assad’s government forces…President Donald J. Trump announced on national television at 9pm EST last Friday night (see the announcement here: that the United States had unleashed controlled and measured ‘hell’ on Damascus with the assistance of military jets from both Great Britain and France.

Striking several targets including the Barzah Research and Development Center (which is connected to both research as well as the construction and delivery of chemical weapons) located in Syria’s capital city, as well as the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site and the Him Shinshar Bunker Facility in Homs, the sudden but not unexpected attack lasted no more than 15 minutes. Designed specifically to minimize civilian casualties while visiting destruction on said carefully selected targets, this action was taken partly in retaliation for the April 7th chemical attack at Douma…an attack that tugged at the heartstrings of the world what with the non-stop barrage of pictures of dying, foaming at the mouth children.

Now also saying that the strikes were a direct result of Russia’s failure to prevent al-Assad from using chemical weapons, what these strikes really did was show the world that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ‘red-lines’ Syria crossed without so much as a blink of an eye were now ‘red lines’ President Trump actually erased…erased via what’s being called “proportional provisional coordinated strikes”…strikes also sending a warning to both Iran and North Korea that using weapons of mass destruction will in no way be tolerated.

“Right now this is a one-time shot.” So said Secretary of Defense General James Mattis regarding last Friday night’s military strikes in Syria.

And so Sec. of Defense Gen. James Mattis spoke to the press from the Pentagon regarding the strikes saying that he was “absolutely convinced” that al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Douma. Adding that Great Britain and France, our allies who joined in the strikes, were also convinced of al-Assad’s guilt, Mattis spoke of how the evidence provided by intel from said allies coupled with intel on the ground in Syria clearly pointed to al-Assad’s guilt. See the actual French declassified intelligence report on the Syria gas attack here:

But is it clear that al-Assad was responsible for the chemical attack of just more than a week ago?

Not to us…at least not initially…as reports coming from Syria were sketchy at best. Using photos from between one to five years old led us to question the accuracy of said reports. There were other questions we had as well…questions like why did most of the images published…images claiming to be from the week old attack…show mostly children but very few adults and even fewer women? And why did and still do the reports coming from Syria, as well as from other “sources” from around the world, continue to refer to the recent Douma gas attack as a “supposed,” or an “alleged” chemical attack?

And while we know that such “sources” are not always accurate nor are they adept at getting to the “scene” in a timely manner to capture all-important images as they happen…real time images from which the rest of the world can truly assess the situation…in their reports these “sources” relied instead on years old stock images in an attempt to pass them off as the current event, and they did so with no disclaimer to that affect. A ‘red flag’ indeed that points to something being both amiss and misleading. So why do this at all?

Then there’s the question of why would al-Assad unleash even a small amount of chemical agent so close to Damascus…his home base…as Douma is but 10 miles from downtown Damascus? But the most important question of all remains what would al-Assad have to gain by using chemical weapons against his fellow Syrians?

To answer the above stated questions one must speculate that a desperate dictator is apt to take desperate actions. And with the rebel stronghold of Douma sitting just on the outskirts of Damascus…as in it simply being a bit too close for al-Assad’s comfort…that still doesn’t really answer why he would not have used conventional ordinance or even ground troops rather than risking the world’s condemnation by deploying chemical weapons…condemnation he surely knew would come for while Bassar al-Assad is a brutal man the one thing he is not is a stupid man.

So, could the answer be something that most folks have overlooked…something that seriously needs to be considered as the last remaining Jaysh al-Islam “rebels” in Douma scurry off to the north to regroup (and know that this group whose name means Army of Islam is a Saudi-backed coalition of Salafist Islamist militants who are believed to have carried out many of the terrorist attacks in France)…could it be  that Bashar al-Assad at this point in time is actually not in absolute control of his own army? Could it be that someone in the Syrian army went “rogue”…for what is al-Assad’s government itself but a rogue regime of sorts…and that whomever said person might be ordered or even helped carry out the chemical attack without al-Assad’s approval or knowledge? Things like that have happened before in some of the world’s armies, but with al-Assad at the top of the chain of command he and he alone must shoulder the responsibility and be afforded the blame.

Or could it be that the islamic militant Jaysh al-Islam “rebels” were the ones who set off the gas as they cowardly retreated from Douma after the ‘supposed’ peace talks with al-Assad collapsed? Now wouldn’t that be a nice little gift to leave for one’s enemy…just something to really ponder over.

And while some might choose not to give these above stated possibilities little if any consideration or credence, just know that with Syria being in a true state of chaos it would not be surprising if some in the cast of characters started to cross over and infiltrate into the other side with ISIS plants now being in both the rebel forces and in al-Assad government forces as well. Remember, what are the rebels but tentacles of ISIS, al-Qaeda, el-Nusra and other assorted terrorist groups.

Something to think about we’d say…something that must be considered especially as Bashar al-Assad continues to say that neither he nor his forces gassed Douma.

So the bottom line, as we both see it, becomes that when looking for answers to both the questions and the many inconsistencies regarding the recent events in Douma, at this point in time we know that it was official intel gathered by U.S. agencies and operatives combined with intel from other government agencies and operatives around the world…intel that is not accessible to any but those at the highest levels of various governments…is always going to be intel more comprehensive and fact based than intel from a war-torn region where reporting is always somewhat suspect.

And with that said, the military strikes led by the United States in concert with our allies Great Britain and France leads us to believe that President Trump got it right in the actions he took, but that there might very well be more to those actions than appears on the surface. And regardless of the evidence we have seen and the evidence we may well never be privy to, one key fact remains…there can be no quarter given to any who use chemical weapons no matter the shadowy details. That of course now leads directly to questions regarding the strange alliances that are part and parcel of what’s going on inside Syria today.

On the surface it’s the al-Assad regime versus the “rebels,” but the truth is that it goes much deeper than that. The “rebels,” at least the vast majority regardless of specific factions, are the proxy force of Iran, and we, for reasons that simply are not clear, are backing the “rebels.” Russia, on the other hand, is backing al-Assad while at the same time maintaining an alliance of sorts with Iran…seemingly working both ends against the middle…with the middle being the key geographic and strategic point known as Tartus.

Tartus is a sea port Russia claims to be insignificant, although what Russia says outwardly on the matter of Tartus doesn’t meet well with reality as Tartus would become a key Mediterranean port of Russia’s navy if they can control it. And know they want to control it or at the very least have unfettered access to it regardless of who ends up securing power in Syria.

To that end Russia is hedging their military bets by defending both the al-Assad regime while also befriending and supporting Iran who, like we said, controls most of the various “rebel” factions within Syria. That way it doesn’t matter who comes out on top for no matter the winner in Syria, Russia will have access to or complete control of a very strategic Mediterranean port.

As for our part in the whole of things we’re backing the “rebels,” most of whom are Iran’s proxy and surrogate, even though with Trump at our helm we stand solidly against Iran. And that alone makes for one very convoluted situation, for no matter whom we backed in Syria we would find ourselves opposing someone or some faction that Russia favors.

Now to add to this so convoluted and quite confusing situation, two previously silent voices suddenly spoke up…two voices forming an unlikely alliance yet two voices who know and understand who the real enemy is…Iran. And to that affect early this past Saturday morning the Saudi Press Agency reported via China’s Xinhua News’ website that the Saudi kingdom backs the airstrikes on Syria launched by the U.S., Great Britain, and France. In fact, an official from the Saudi Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that the operations were a “response to the use of banned chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against innocent civilians and for its years of horrible crimes.” Continuing on by saying that the Syrian government was responsible for such a military attack and that the international community shares blame for not taking serious steps against al-Assad’s regime in the past, one has to wonder why this was first reported in a Chinese news agency instead of being issued directly from a Saudi news agency itself.

And then on Saturday afternoon a statement was issued by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in which BiBi said Israel “fully supports” the pre-dawn airstrikes on Syria and that, “A year ago, I made clear that Israel fully supports the decision by [US] President [Donald] Trump to stand against the use and spread of chemical weapons,” referring to American strikes against the Syrian regime in April 2017. And to that Prime Minister Netanyahu added, “Trump’s resolve and Israel’s support remain unchanged.”

Also, Israeli Housing Minister Yoav Galant, who is a member of Israel’s Security Cabinet and a former Israeli general, gave his assessment of the situation. Saying that, “The American strike is an important signal to the axis of evil — Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. The use of chemical weapons crosses a red line that humanity is no longer willing to accept,” what we take from his words is something not said but something that laid the foundation for the nightmare that is Syria today. And that foundation is Obama’s red lines deliberately crossed by Syrian factions that went unpunished and going unpunished is directly what led us to the situation we and our allies now find ourselves in.

And something to ponder in regards to said actions and statements issued is that contrary to media reports, Benjamin Neyanyahu was indeed informed of the soon to come Syrian strikes before they actually happened. And this leaves open the possibility that perhaps this limited strike was a test run that leaves the door open for a possible strike courtesy of a new U.S., Israel, Saudi alliance against Iran itself.

But that is down the road for the current situation could easily explode tenfold. In fact, also this past Saturday, our U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley addressed an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council who were called together to respond to both Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia’s “complaint” about the U.S. led airstrikes against Syria and to vote on a resolution condemning said strikes. Saying the U.S. will not allow the regime of Bashar al-Assad to continue the use of chemical weapons, Hally said that, “The time for talk ended last night.” And by her adding that, “We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will,” Halley let those assembled know that as per President Trump, “the U.S. is locked and loaded,” if al-Assad dared to cross that particular chemical red line again. You can see that speech here:

And as for the Russian “complaint” that the U.S. and “foreign intelligence services” were the ones that staged a “suspected” nerve gas attack on the Syrian town of Douma last Saturday and that the scientific facilities that were destroyed were only used for peaceful activity, sounds a bit too much like the Iranian rhetoric that they want nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes alone…something we know is not the case. Adding that Russian experts found no traces of chlorine when they investigated the “supposed” drop site, Nebenzia also claimed that the U.S. and its allies struck before the U.N.’s chemical weapons watchdog launched an official investigation.

But does any of that really matter for Syria as both al-Assad’s government and the rebel factions…factions also suspected of being in possession of chemical weapons… have been warned before not to use those weapons but said warnings went unheeded time and time again. And why…because those previous warnings were issued courtesy of useless red lines drawn by islamic condoning Barack HUSSEIN Obama and not by Donald J. Trump…a president who puts America’s interests first.

Now sending a decisive message to all the world’s rogue regimes, Iran and North Korea included, Friday’s strike also let Vladim Putin know that the U.S. is complacent no more as well as letting the world know that thanks to President Donald J. Trump America is back and leading not from behind but from the front.

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RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS…LIVE! Today, Tuesday, April 3rd from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the Syrian airstrikes and its ramifications in detail; and important news of the day. Hope you can tune in at:

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Bipartisan group of lawmakers pushes DACA immigration bill

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 9:23pm

Tuesday pressure grew in the House  to debate legislation protecting young undocumented immigrants from deportation, in a challenge to President Donald Trump, who has declared as “dead” an existing program allowing them to legally study and work in the United States.A bipartisan group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers scheduled a press conference on Wednesday to discuss their plans to force debate in the full House on a few different proposals for helping the estimated 800,000 immigrants.

They are expected to announce that they have more than 218 House members on board with moving ahead with a bipartisan bill. That is the minimum number needed in the 435-member House to pass bills.

For quite some time, Republicans have been deeply divided on immigration legislation, despite polling that shows a significant majority of voters want to help young immigrants who crossed into the United States illegally through no fault of their own.

A House aide said Democrats are pressuring House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, to move to either bring such legislation to the House floor or to intensify high-level negotiations on crafting a new compromise bill.

DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama, giving temporary legal status to immigrants brought illegally into the United States by their parents or other relatives when they were children.

In September of 2017, Trump announced that he was ending the program, effective March 5. But a court has ordered the program to continue for existing beneficiaries until legal challenges to its termination are resolved.

Republicans already have made “good-faith offers” to protect the young immigrants. Those offers, which included significant reductions in legal immigration that are being sought by the Trump administration, were rejected by Democrats.

If Ryan were to refuse to bring such legislation to the floor, the bill’s supporters could employ a rarely used procedure to force action, if they have at least 218 backers.

Under one strategy being weighed, the House could debate the bipartisan bill, along with two or three other alternatives. A similar debate played out in the Senate last February, with all the measures failing to win enough votes to advance.

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