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Starbucks protesters say ‘unconscious bias training’ isn’t enough

Liberty Unyielding - 1 hour 41 min ago
Following reports of the incident, the CEO of Starbucks published an open apology to the men, the manager (who by all accounts is an "SJW feminist of the highest order") was fired, and the company announced that it would close its stores nationwide for a day to conduct unconscious bias training.

Russian lawyer questions why Mueller hasn’t contacted her

Tea Party Tribune - 4 hours 30 min ago


The Russian attorney who discussed sanctions with Donald Trump Jr. in New York during his father’s 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller has not contacted her yet.

While being interviewed by the Associated Press, Natalia Veselnitskaya also detailed her recent meeting in Berlin with investigators from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. Like Mueller, the committee is investigating allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

In June of 2016, Veselnitskaya met with then-candidate Donald Trump’s son, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman at the time, Paul Manafort, after Trump Jr. was told the Russian lawyer had potentially incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

Mueller is still trying to find evidence of collusion, between the Trump campaign and Russia. In her interview, Veselnitskaya alleges that if Mueller’s team never questions her, it would mean that it “is not working to discover the truth.”

Veselnitskaya is a well-connected Moscow lawyer who has worked with a company called Prevezon Holdings Ltd. The company’s owner is the son of a former Russian government official and a fierce advocate for rolling back U.S. sanctions on Russia.

At the time of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting she defended Prevezon against charges it had engaged in money laundering from a $230 million Russian tax fraud scheme.

Trump has denied that he or his campaign coordinated with any Russian attempts to interfere in the election.

Meanwhile the  Senate Intelligence Committee has expressed interest in determining whether Veselnitskaya’s appointment with Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort was part of a Russian government effort to help President Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House. It was described that way in emails to Trump Jr. before it took place.

Still, there are many congressional committees that are looking into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election and whether there were collusion by Trump’s campaign. The House Intelligence Committee has finished its investigation and said it found no evidence of collusion or coordination with Russians.

The Senate Intelligence Committee approached Veselnitskaya earlier this year, but she refused to go the United States, saying she feared for her safety. The lawyer and the committee’s investigators instead met in a Berlin hotel on March 26 and talked for three hours.

The investigators mainly wanted to know about Trump Tower meeting, she said. Veselnitskaya said she repeated her previous statements about it, insisting that she was not linked to the Russian government and merely wanted to discuss sanctions against Russia.

According to Veselnitskaya, the Berlin interview also focused on information in memos compiled by a former British spy whose work was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign. The dossier contains numerous allegations of Russian ties to Trump, his associates and the Trump campaign.

She said the dossier was absolute nonsense.

When asked why she decided to meet with the U.S. investigators in Berlin, Veselnitskaya said she felt compelled to tell her account after being into the heart of the Russia probe.

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In private, Trump aide George Papadopoulos denies collusion

Liberty Unyielding - 4 hours 44 min ago
heDCNF has also learned previously unreported details about a second conversation that Papadopoulos had in London, this one with Alexander Downer, Australia’s top diplomat to the United Kingdom.

Trump says may tie Mexican immigration control to NAFTA

Tea Party Tribune - 5 hours 6 min ago


President Donald Trump is threatening to make Mexican immigration control a condition of a new NAFTA agreement on Monday, saying the southern U.S. neighbor must stop illegal immigrants from getting into the United States.

On Twitter, Trump said that Mexico, whose laws on immigration are very tough, must stop people from going through Mexico and into the U.S. We may make this a condition of the new NAFTA Agreement.

President Trump made similar threats linking NAFTA, known formally as the North American Free Trade Agreement, and immigration when a “caravan” of migrants moved through Mexico earlier this month.

On April 1 he wrote that Mexico must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA.

Although discussion of immigration controls has not been a part of formal negotiations on the new NAFTA accord and talks by all accounts – including Trump’s – are progressing.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, speaking at the Hanover trade fair in Germany on Monday, said he hoped for agreement soon on a reworked NAFTA, which includes Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Nieto said differences between the parties could be overcome to revamp the 24-year-old accord, which underpins some $1.2 trillion in annual trilateral trade.

Representatives from the three nations were to meet again in Washington on Tuesday as they push to wrap up a deal.

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Could KD be the next score to beat among thrill seekers and addicts on the edge?

Liberty Unyielding - 5 hours 15 min ago
What could be more fun than becoming slow and lethargic, losing control of your bodily functions, and drooling uncontrollably? It is a question some residents of Indianapolis are interested in testing out for themselves.

Cartoon of the Day: Walking the talk

Liberty Unyielding - 6 hours 13 min ago
North Korea

Sleepy eyes? Another Parkland survivor explains the world to us

Liberty Unyielding - 6 hours 18 min ago
It's interesting to observe that Chadwick and her fellow anti-gun crusaders, all of whom have way too much time on their hands and too much attention from the media, are branching out  into other areas of liberal politics, including conspiracy theories.

There Was This Guy . . .

Tea Party Tribune - 7 hours 18 min ago

There was this guy. . .

He had a funny mustache, whinny voice, and everybody got a big laugh when he, and his scattered followers had rallies ranting and raving, offering crazy solutions for national problems far above their feeble understanding. When he fired a pistol in a beer hall, and ended up in jail everyone thought it was a done deal, but then he wrote a book.

The general population will take stupidity for only so long. This guy lived in a world where his nation lost a war they shouldn’t have lost, the banking system was so out of control that people had to take a basket full of money to the store to buy bread, and poverty and starvation had reduced the level of morality down to about the level of Ancient Rome at the Coliseum on a Saturday night.

Group think is a powerful thing. When you get a majority thinking, “We don’t have much, but we got each other,” you develop a strong political force that’s hard to contend with. Strong nationalism develops, and on the surface that’s not such a bad thing. This guy began to take back land that had been lost during the war. The people in those lands didn’t resist, they welcomed him. They basically spoke the same language, and had fond memories of “back in the day.” It would be like Texas taking back all the land ceded to the United States when it came into the union. Not such a bad thing. Who would it hurt?

The economy improved. To acquire territory one must have military, support personnel, commissary, and all the trappings of a modern military industrial complex. There were investors and support from surprising sources that created the perfect illusion of a well oiled economic and political machine. Employment soured, beer flowed, and pretty girls sunbathed on the beach. This guy was so popular Time Magazine made him the man of the year.

This guy figured that all of the ills that had befallen his nation after the last war was the fault of one segment of the population. A group of people who never did fit in, gave the impression that even during economic depression, they had money to burn, and kept to themselves. It never dawned on the followers of this guy that these people, too, had suffered during, and after the war. They were just prudent! They knew that coin could become cash if you just squeezed hard enough, but that flew right by this guy’s head. He had to find a solution. A FINAL solution!

He said in five years you wouldn’t recognize his country, and in that prediction, he was right. The flaming, blind nationalism he ignited burned his nation to the ground. His followers saw conditions far worse than any following the previous war. The scars on the land and minds of the people are still there to this day. A bomb that was developed because of the urgency of the war effort, a bomb that most likely wouldn’t have been pursued otherwise, still looms over our heads as of this weekend’s headlines.

Wanna know the scary part? This guy lives! Remember the book! It’s still there. You can download it for free. Remember the few followers? They had a rally this weekend. Our country has been shattered, and divided by one of the worst eight years we’ve ever been through. There IS racism in America. Reinforced by that administration. Morality? Out the window. National consciousness? Get outta here. Aliens have poured over our borders like kids in a candy store. Americans are fed up!

But, the ideology of that era so long ago is alive and well, and it can grow. If we aren’t careful, there will be another meeting in a beer hall, and after it’s all said and done . . . there was this guy!

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