What Can I Do?

What Can I Do to Assure a Tea Party Victory in the 2012 Elections

The 2012 election is just a few days away. It is the most important election in our lifetime.  We win, or America slips into Socialism with the result being excessive taxation, more regulations, more corruption, global government and your loss of freedom and Liberty. For the last three years patriotic citizens have been forced to stand by and watch unbelievable abuse after abuse of the powers entrusted to these elected officials.  All we could do is try to educate and expose these abuses, because there is no exposure or criticism in the liberal media.  TPM has done that on our website and in our weekly emails. A case against Obama and the Democrats in Congress has clearly been made and documented here.  It is now time for us all to do something about it.

We must take back the Presidency and Congress by an overwhelming majority. If the newly elected officials are to be empowered to undo decades of damage - and the destruction and corruption of the last four years - they must have an indisputable mandate from the people.  We need to win not just a skirmish; we need to win this battle decisively and reaffirm traditional Constitutional values.  And be forewarned, this means more than supporting your candidates -  this means fighting election fraud that is sure to be a part of liberal strategy - as evidenced by their intense fight against any new laws enacted to fight voter fraud.

You may ask, what can I do?  Actually that is the wrong question.  Ask, what must I do?  Must because every freedom loving patriotic American must be involved if we are going to stop the march to Socialism.  I am sorry to say that TPM does not have the resources to coordinate, finance and lead this effort, so you must look to other organizations and your individual responsibly to do all you can.  Here are some ideas.

  • Join Freedom Works to network with other patriotic Americans
  • Join True the Vote to help stop voter fraud
  • Join American Majority for free political training
  • Join Americans for Prosperity
  • Start your own activist home group
  • Start your own email campaign to your friends and neighbors
  • Use bumper stickers to get our message out
  • Organize your own rallies and demonstrations
  • Create a webpage or use social media to expose and educate
  • Make sure your conservative friends are registered to vote
  • Offer rides to conservative homebound voters
  • Talk to your church leaders about the importance of the election
  • Be a precinct captain
  • Work a phone bank from home (watch for more info)
  • Be a poll worker
  • Work to help elect conservative candidates
  • Support your candidates financially
  • Write editorials to your local newspapers
  • Work within the political parties for conservative government
  • Share “The Case Against Obama and the Democratic Congress” on the TPM web page

The election is approaching fast.  It is time to transition from “educate and expose” to a new campaign of action for results.  You, our members, are the choir.   TPM is preaching to the choir now, but the choir is already on our team.  So now, with your help, we will begin a new strategy to share what we know with others.  We will document the case against Obama and his supporters in Congress on a new website page called, “The Case Against Obama and the Democratic Congress”.  There we will post links to news articles right up to the election.  We will categorize the articles for easier reference.  We are posting this information so you will have an information source that you can use to help you convince your friends and neighbors that re-electing Obama would likely mean the end of America as we know it.  He has already said, “I’ll have more liberty after the election”.  It is hard to imagine what might happen if the people empower him for a second term.

You can go to this page at any time and read the latest articles posted weekly, and they will remain there until after the election.  When you want to explain, for example, why you think Obama is trampling all over our Constitution, you will have examples and articles to back up your argument.  But go back and review the list above of the other things you can do. This is just one tool. You need to be an active participant in whatever way(s) you choose to defeat Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  We must defeat both.

What Can I Do To Stop Socialism and Get My Country Back

First of all, we need to recognize that there are many Americans that do not understand what is happening to America.  They do not believe that Socialism could be established in America.  This is happening partly because the media is not bringing this to light and because they have false hopes or do not search the truth.


    • You must inform yourself so that you can inform other people.  Listen to the Conservative media and digest information presented on Conservative websites. Send e-mails to your friends and families. Copy articles that are sent to you that provide information on current events.  Educate friends and family about what the Progressives are all about.  This is just another word for Socialist/Marxists.  Tell friends and family about our website, join our mailing list to receive our newsletter and alerts. Reply to the e-mails you receive with jokes with useful information from our newsletters.
    • Become an activist.  When you talk to your friends and family, get involved in a dialog, ask them "How do you like the new laws that are being passed by the government?" and then explain what is happening in America.  Join local drive efforts to register voters.
    • Make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure you vote, your vote is important.  Every vote counts.  If you do not vote, someone else is deciding your fate for you.  Primaries are important, do not skip those.  Learn about the candidates and chose Conservatives who are going to uphold your values.  Get your family and friend to register to vote if they are not registered.  Use the easy online register to vote in this page.  Every single conservative American needs to vote in the primaries and in November in order to neutralize the efforts of the left.
    • Join and attend TEA parties and rallies from Patriot groups.  There you will meet people who share your values and you can learn more about the issues.  The number of people in attendance at these events sends a message  to our elected officials that we are strong and united, and that we will vote them out if they continue to ignore our message.  The attendance to rallies, also sends a message to the local enforcement agents, such as police and sheriff that the public is united and these rallies are not an isolated thing.  Like Jon Voight said, see video on the right, "Every loving American for peace and truth and the security of our nation, must come out and join their TEA parties in their states...".
    • Send messages to your Congressmen and Senators.  If you do not agree with an issue, make sure you let them know.  This site has several links to phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses of all members of Congress and Senate.  There are also direct links where you can send free faxes and e-mails and free phone links. Every e-mail, fax or phone call represents 1000 to the politicians.  These messages do matter.
    • Send letters to the editors of your local newspapers. If you do not agree with an issue, let everyone know using letters to the editor. This makes the reader take notice of the issue and if they agree, they will feel that they are not alone.  Also, will awaken those that do not understand what is happening in America.
    • Boycott companies that support Cap-and Trade, Health Care reform, and other un-American companies that do not deserve our support.  Boycott companies and their products that advertise in TV and radio stations that do not report the truth.  Boycott oil companies that purchase oil from the Middle East and gas companies that belong to Socialist/Marxist countries like CITGO from Venezuela.  Go to Boycott  Purchase gasoline from American companies such as HESS.
    • Prepare yourself.  Wish for the best, but prepare for the worst.
      Have your finances in order.  Learn how you and your family can survive during times of shortages. These are uncertain times and you need to be aware of that.
    • Stop worrying about politically correct, that is what brought us to our current situation.
    • Pray for our Country and pray for your self so that you will have the direction, the strength and the courage to defend our Nation and its Constitution.
  • Read the Patriot Field Manual which gives you additional information.

If you think that this takes to much time from your busy schedule, think twice, you may not be busy anymore if all the Socialistic changes to be implemented in America are allowed to take place. We the People must defend our Nation, no one else will do it for us.

Most conservatives support the Tea Party Movement, but not all are conservative activists. The outcome of the unprecedented political battle now being waged will determine whether the greatest free enterprise system the world has ever known will be brought to its knees from within by the false promises of socialism. The economic freedom and personal liberties of future generations ride on how intensely each of us is willing to fight for the time-honored conservative principles that are the very foundation of America’s unparalleled prosperity. So, if you’re going to fight to preserve the great country you've known, Fight Fiercely!