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Statewide Florida Tea Party Groups & Locations

  9-12 Pinellas -   Organizer: Barbara Haselden
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.912pinellas.org
  Location: St.    Petersburg, Florida

  9-12 Project Tallahassee - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.912projecttallahassee.com/
  Location: Tallahassee, FL

  Abigail Adams Project - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://abigailadamsproject.com/about
  Location: Statewide

  American Liberty Riders - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://americanlibertyriders.ning.com/
  Location: Unknown

   Americans for Prosperity, Florida - Organizer
  Phone: 714- 752-3735 - Website: http://americansforprosperity.org/florida/
  Location: Statewide

  American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.am-tea.org/
  Location: Palm Beach, FL

  American TEA Party Movement -   Organizer: John Burford
  Phone: (386) 938-1330 -   Website: http://warriorsonce.com
  Location: Jennings,   Florida

  As A Mom,  A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots -   Organizer: Karena Morrison
  Phone: (727) 518-4659 -   Website: http://asamom.ning.com/group/floridamoms
  Location: Florida Statewide

  Bay Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: 877-858-4411 - Website: http://www.baypatriots.org/
  Location: Lynn Haven, FL

  Baker County TEA Party -   Organizer: Kate Svagdis
  Phone: (904) 259-9464 -   Website: http://bakercountyteaparty.ning.com/
  Location: MacClenny,   FL

  BEAR WITNESS -   Organizer: Rolando Perez
  Phone: (904) 382-9040 -   Website: http://www.bearwitness.info
  Location: Northeast Florida

  Brevard 9-12 - Organizer Barbara Knick
  Phone: None - Website:  http://www.meetup.com/Brevard-912-Melbourne-FL/
  Location: Melbourn, FL

  Brevard Tea Party -   Organizer: Matthew Nye
  Phone: (321) 626-9791 -   Website: http://www.brevardteaparty.com
  Location: Brevard    County, FL

  Broward Independence Group -  Organizer: Edward Bender
  Phone: (954) 332-8363 -   Website: http://bign912pfl.ning.com
  Location: Fort    Lauderdale, FL

  Calhoun Liberty Patriots - Organizer:
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/calhounlibertypatriots/
  Location: Calhoun County, FL

  Citizens for Responsible Government -   Organizer: Stan Willis
  Phone: (850) 491-6449 - Website: Citizens For Responsible Government
  Location: Tallahassee, FL
   Email: stanwillis@hotmail.com

  Citrus 9-12 - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/Citrus-912/
  Location: Citrus County

  Citrus County Citizens - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.citruscountycitizens.ning.com/
  Location: Citrus County, FL

  Citrus County Concerned  Residents -   Organizer: Edna Mattos
  Phone: None -   Website: http://floridateaparty.weebly.com
  Location: Crystal   River, FL

  Concerned American Patriots -  Organizer: Eddie Eaton
  Phone: (850) 956-4100 -   Website: None
  Location: Homes    County, FL

  Conservative Liberty Alliance  - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.claflorida.org/ 
  Email:  info@CLAFLorida.org
  Lake County, FL

  Daytona 9-12 -   Organizer: Virginia Hewett
  Phone: (386) 801-1104 -  Website: http://www.meetup.com/Daytona912/
  Location: Daytona Beach,   FL

  DeLand 9-12 -   Organizer: Keith Wilson
  Phone: (386) 490-5717 -   Website: http://www.deland912.org
  Location: DeLand,   FL

  East Orlando Tea Party - Organizer
  Phonr: None - Website:  https://sites.google.com/site/lakenona912/ 
  Location: Lake Nona, FL

  Eastern Orlando Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.easternorlandoteaparty.org/
  Location: East Orlando, FL

  East Pasco Tea Party Patriots -   Organizer: Emily Barsch
  Phone: (813) 765-2428 -   Website: http://www.meetup.com/East-Pasco-Tea-Party-Patriots/
  Location: Dade City,   FL

  East Side Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://eastsideteaparty.org/
  Location: East Central Florida

  Englewood Taking Our Country Back 9-12 Tea Party Project -   Organizer: Randy McLendon
  Phone: (941) 504-5675 -   Website: http://www.TakingOurCountryBack.net
  Location: Englewood,   FL

  Florida 9-12 Group - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://florida912.ning.com/
  Location: Statewide

  First Coast Tea Party -   Organizer: Billie Tucker
  Phone: (904) 910-5024 -   Website: http://firstcoastteaparty.ning.com/
  Location: Jacksonville,   FL

  FL Keys Tea Party -   Organizer: Genie Livingstone
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.floridakeysteaparty.com
  Location: Lower Keys, FL

   Flagler County Tea Party Group -   Organizer: Thomas Lawrence
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.flaglercountyteaparty.org/
  Location: Flagler    County, FL

  Florida Minuteman Organization - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.floridaminuteman.webs.com/
  Location: Winter Haven, FL

  Florida Panhandle Patriots -   Organizer: Brenda Follis-Lengyel
  Phone: (850) 664-6330 -   Website: http://www.PanhandlePatriots.com
  Location: Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL

 Florida Tenth Amendment Center - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://florida.tenthamendmentcenter.com/

  Location: Statewide  

  Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.flimen.org/
  Location: Statewide

  Floridians Against Real ID - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.liberty2010.org/realid/
  Location: Statewide

  Fort Lauderdale Tea Party - Organizer:Unknown
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.teapartyfortlauderdale.com/index.html
  Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

  Forest Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.forestteaparty.com/
  Location: Ocklawaha, FL

  Fort Walton Beach Tea Party -   Organizer: Chris Saccomanno
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.FWBTeaParty.com
  Location: Fort Walton    Beach, FL

  Gainesville Tea Party -   Organizer: Karianne Wilkins
  Phone: (352) 443-9157 -   Website: http://www.gainesvilleteaparty.org
  Location: Gainesville/Alachua County, FL

  Gilcrest County Tae Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://gilchristcountyteaparty.com/
  Location: Gilcrest County, FL

  Hernando County Tea Party -   Organizer: Kevin Floyd
  Phone: (813) 767-4295 -   Website: http://www.meetup.com/Hernando-County-Tea-Party/
  Location: Brooksville,   FL

  Highlands Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://thehighlandsteaparty.com/
  Location: Highland County, FL

  Indian River Tea Party -   Organizer: Paul Tanner
  Phone: (772) 240-2663 -   Website: http://indianriverteaparty.com
  Location: Vero Beach,   FL

  Jackson County, Florida -   Organizer: Elaine Thompson
  Phone: (850) 579-4173 -   Website: None
  Location: Marianna,   FL

  Jacksonville Tea Party -   Organizer: Billie Tucker
  Phone: (904) 910-5024 -   Website: http://www.firstcoastteaparty.org
  Location: Jacksonville,   FL

  Lake Area Tea Party -   Organizer: Alicia Hamilton
  Phone: None -   Website: http://lakeareateaparty.webs.com/index.htm
  Location: North Central Florida

  Lake Area Tea Party Patriots -   Organizer: Deanna May
  Phone: (352) 473-3538 -   Website: None
  Location: Florida

  Lake City Tea -   Organizer: Kevin Jones
  Phone: (386) 755-8885 -   Website: None
  Location: Lake City,   FL

  Lakeland Tea Party -   Organizer: Janell Henderson
  Phone: (863) 606-8300 -   Website: http://lakelandteaparty.floridimagine.com/
  Location: Lakeland,   FL

  Lake Sumter 912 - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/lakesumter-912/
  Location: Lake Sumter, FL

  Latino American Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://latinoamericanteaparty.org/
  Location: Statewide

  Lee 9-12 - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/www-Lee912-com/
  Location: FT Myers, FL

  The Leesburg Regional TeaParty - Organizer
  Phone:  None  -  Website - http://www.leesburgregionalteaparty.com/   
  Lake County, FL
  Email: leesburgregionalteaparty@gmail.com

  Levy County Tea Party -   Organizer: Juanita Melchior
  Phone: (352) 339-0747 -   Website: None
  Location: Levy    County, FL

  Liber-Tea Party -   Organizer: Rhonda Welsch
  Phone: (386) 690-7814 -   Website: http://teapartynsb.ning.com
  Location: New Smyrna    Beach, FL

  Martin 9-12 Tea Party Committee -   Organizer: Cynthia Lucas
  Phone: (772) 221-0309 -   Website: http://www.m912tc.com/
  Location: Treasure    Coast, FL

  Miami 912 Project -   Organizer: Nancy Meinhardt
  Phone: (786) 972-5702 -   Website: None
  Location: Miami,   FL

  Mojo's Tea Party -   Organizer: Dan Kiehl
  Phone: (941) 677-6079 -   Website:  http://www.teapartypatriots.org/groups/mojos-tea-party/ 
  Location: Lakewood  Ranch

  Naples 9-12 Project - Organizer:
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/SWFL912Project-com/
  Location: Naples, FL

  Naples Tea Party -   Organizer: Barry Willoughby
  Phone: (239) 498-8787 -   Website: http://gomc.net/NTP
  Location: Naples,   FL

  Nassau Patriots Tea Party -   Organizer: Susan  Lane 
   Phone: 904-753-0445 - Website: www.nassaupatriots.ning.com
  Location:  Fernandina/Yulee,  FL

  Nature Coast 9.12 Project -   Organizer: Maureen Arrigale
  Phone: None -   Website: http://meetup.com/Nature-Coast-912-Project
  Location: Spring Hill,   FL

  Navarre Patriots - Organizer
  Phonr: None - Website: http://www.navarrepatriots.com/
  Location: Navarre, FL

  Niceville-Valparaiso Tea Party -   Organizer: Joseph Pascarella
  Phone: (850) 729-2874 -  Website: http://emeraldcoastpatriots.org/
  Location: Niceville,   FL

  North Pinellas 9-12 - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/North-Pinellas-912-Project/
  Location: North Pinellas County, FL

  North Central Florida 9-12  Project -  Organizer: Bobbie Garrett
  Phone: (386) 935-1783 -   Website: http://northcentralfloridateaparty.org/
  Location: Lake    City, FL 

  North Lake Tea Party - Organizer: Patricia Sullivan
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.northlaketeaparty.com
  Location: Lake    County, FL

  North Port Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.northportpatriots.com/

  Obrien Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.obrienteaparty.com/
  Location: Obrien, FL

  Orange City Tea Party - Organizer: Michelle James
  Phone: (386) 218-5417 - Website: None
  Location: Orange    City, FL

  Original OrlandoTeaParty.com (OFFICIAL) -   Organizer: Jason Hoyt
  Phone: (321) 438-8781 -   Website: http://www.OrlandoTeaParty.com
  Location: Orlando,   FL

  Orlando - Orange - Osceola  -   Organizer: Dan Cahill
  Phone: (321) 939-0033 -   Website: None
  Location: Orlando,   FL

  Orlando Tea Party (OTown) -  Organizer: Cheryl Matchett
  Phone: (321) 228-5849 -   Website: http://orlandoteaparty.com
  Location: Orlando,   FL

  Palm Beach County Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://palmbeachcountyteaparty.org/
   Location: Palm Beach County, FL

  Panhandle Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: 850-865-8777 - Website: http://www.panhandlepatriots.com/
  Location: Ft Walton Beach, FL

  Pasco Patriots - Organizer - Emily Barsch
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/Pasco-Patriots-Post/
  Location: Dade City, FL

  Patriots of Lake Wales -   Organizer: Richard Hilliard
  Phone: (863) 676-2853 -   Website: None
  Location: Lake   Wales, FL

  Pensacola Patriots -   Organizer: John W. Baker
  Phone: (850) 478-4936 -  Website: None
  Location: Pensacola,   FL

  Peoples Tea Party - Organizer: Ron Caplinger
  Phone: 904-278-9221 - Website: http://peoplestea.ning.com/
  Location: Orange Park, FL

  Pinellas Patriots -   Organizer: Katie Summersill
  Phone: (727) 278-9565 -  Website: http://www.pinellaspatriots.org
  Location: Pinellas    County, FL

  Punta Gorda Tea Party -   Organizer: Robin Stublen
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.pgteaparty.com
  Location: Punta Gorda,   FL

  Putnam County Florida Tea Party Patriots -   Organizer: Edward Kilgour
  Phone: (386) 916-1088 -   Website: None
  Location: Palatka,   FL

  Roeville Tea Party -   Organizer: Gerald Johnson
  Phone: (850) 626-7873 -   Website: http://www.putnamteaparty.org/
  Location: Roeville,   FL

  RV TeaParty -   Organizer: Robert Murphy
  Phone: (904) 307-0054 -   Website: None
  Location: RV Parks, FL

  Santa Rosa Tea Party Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website:   http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Rosa-Tea-Party-Patriots 
  Location: Milton, FL

  Sarasota 912 Project -   Organizer: Tara Brandewie
  Phone: (941) 341-0146 -  Website: http://www.meetup.com/Sarasota-Glenn-Beck-912-Project/
  Location: Sarasota,   FL

  Save America Foundation - Organizer
  Phone: 727-329-0490 - Website: http://www.saveamericafoundation.com/
  Location: Clearwater, FL

  South Florida Tea Party - Organizer: Everett  Wilkinson
  Phone: (561) 880-5790 - Website: http://www.SouthFloridaTeaParty.org
  Location: South Florida

  South Florida Tea Party, Jupiter -  Organizer: Jupiter Tea Party
  Phone: (561) 555-1212 -   Website: http://southfloridateaparty.org
  Location: Jupiter, FL

  South Hillsborough Tea Party Patriots -   Organizer: Donald Rich
  Phone: (813) 677-3371 -  Website: http://www.meetup.com/South-Hillsborough-Tea-Party-Patriots/
  Location: South Hillsborough,   FL

  South Lake 9-12TeaParty -  Organizer: Randy Prasse
  Phone: (321) 689-8645 -   Website: http://southlake912teaparty.com/
  Location: Clermont,   FL

  South Orlando 9-12  Tea Party - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://cfl912project.org/index.asp
  Location: South Orlando, FL

  South Pinellas Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.meetup.com/S-Pinellas-9-12-Patriots/
  Location: South Pinellas County, FL

  Space Coast Patriots -   Organizer: Connie Smith
  Phone: (321) 431-7706 -   Website: http://SpaceCoastPatriots.com
  Location: Merritt    Island, FL

  Spruce Creek Patriots - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.sprucecreekpatriots.com/
  Location: Port Orange, FL

  St Lucie Glenn Beck Meetup Group -  Organizer: Vicki & Joan Hackney
  Phone: (772) 607-1853 -   Website: http://www.silentmajorityvote.com
  Location: Port St. Lucie, FL

  St Petersburg  912 -   Organizer: T. Payne
  Phone: None -   Website: http://pinellas912.org
  Location: St Petersburg, FL 

  Sunrise Tea Party -   Organizer: Joe Goldner
  Phone: (954) 749-4308 -  Website: http://www.browardcountyteaparty.com/
  Location: Sunrise,  FL

  Taking Our Country Back - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://takingourcountryback.net/
  Location: Englewood, FL

  Tallahassee TaxTeaParty -   Organizer: Pace Allen
  Phone: (850) 556-0709 -   Website: http://taxteaparty.com
  Location: Tallahassee,   FL

  Tampa 9-12 Project -   Organizer: Karen Jaroch
  Phone: (813) 265-9005 -   Website: http://www.tampa912.org
  Location: Tampa,   FL

  Tampa Bay 912 -   Organizer: Jim Madison
  Phone: None -   Website: http://greatertampabay912.com
  Location: Saint    Petersburg, FL

  Tampa Tea Party -   Organizer: Sharon Calvert
  Phone: (813) 760-1777 -   Website: http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Tea-Party/
  Location: Tampa,   FL

  Taylor Tea Party -  Organizer: Bob Root
  Phone: None -   Website: http://taylorteaparty.com
  Location: Perry,   FL

  Tea Party Fort Lauderdale -   Organizer: Edward Bender
  Phone: (954) 332-8363 -   Website: http://www.teapartyfortlauderdale.com/
  Location: Fort    Lauderdale, FL

  Tea Party Manatee - Organizer: Dean & Janet Mixon - Jay & Letha Fadely
  Phone: 941-301-4636 -   Website: http://www.teapartymanatee.org/
  Location: Brademton, FL

  Tea Party Patriots Live -   Organizer: Jason Hoyt
  Phone: (321) 438-8781 -  Website: http://www.TeaPartyPatriotsLive.com
  Location: Orlando,   FL

  TEA Party Patriots of the Treasure Coast -  Organizer: Gerrick Busl
  Phone: (772) 579-5146 -  Website: http://tcpatriots.org
  Location: Port Saint    Lucie, FL

  Tea Party Revolution -   Organizer: Stephen Miller
  Phone: (313) 575-8138 -  Website: http://www.teapartyrevolution.com
  Location: Inverness,   FL

  Tea Party Solutions -  Organizer: Mary Clark
  Phone: (352) 219-4828 - Website: http://teapartysolutions.com/
  Location: Ocala,   FL

  The Republic Revealed -  Organizer: Mark Hall
  Phone: None -  Website: http://www.therepublicrevealed.com/
  Location: Saint Cloud,   FL

  The Villages Tea Party - Contact: Pam Dahl
  Phone: None - Website: http://www.thevillagesteaparty.org/
  Location:  The Villages, FL, Email: villagesteaparty@gmail.com

  Titusville  Patriots -  Organizer: Don Forward
  Phone: (321) 412-6616 -   Website: http://titusvillepatriots.ning.com
  Location: Titusville,   FL

  Tri-County Tea Party -   Organizer: Barb Zinn
  Phone: (352) 350-6046 -  Website: http://www.tri-countyteaparty.org
  Location: Lady Lake,   FL

  United American Tea Party -   Organizer: BreeLee
  Phone: (904) 377-4228 -   Website: http://unitedamericanteaparty.ning.com/
  Location: St. Augustine,   FL

  Venice Area 9-12 group -   Organizer: Pat Wayman
  Phone: (931) 412-0193 -   Website: http://florida912.com
  Location: Venice,   FL

  Veterans for Constitutional Freedom and Accountability -  Organizer: Geoff Ross
  Phone: (850) 313-1893 -   Website: None
  Location: Navarre,  FL

  Volusia 9-12 Project -   Organizer: Tom G
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.volusia912.org
  Location: Volusia County, FL

  Volusia Patriots  - Organizer: Tabatha Grimes
  Phone: (386) 738-2089 -   Website: http://www.volusiapatriots.com
  Location: DeLand,   FL

  Volusia Tea Party Patriots -  Organizer: Diane Kepus
  Phone: (407) 446-5724 -  Website: None
  Location: Deltona,   FL

  Walton Tea Party Patriots -  Organizer: Randall Henning
  Phone: None -   Website: http://www.waltoncountypatriots.tcoinc.com
  Location: Walton County, FL

  Warriors Once - Organizer: John Burford
  Phone: 386-938-1330 - Website: http://warriorsonce.com/
  Location: Middleburg, FL

  Washington County Tea Party - Organizer: Karen Schoen
  Phone: 850-773-2415 - Website: http://www.washingtoncountyteaparty.info/
  Location: Washington County, FL

 West Orlando Tea Party - Organizer
 Phone: None - Website http://www.Westorlandoteaparty.org
 Location: Orlando, FL

  Winterhaven 912 - Organizer
  Phone: None - Website: http://winterhaven912.com/
  Location: Winterhaven, FL


Other Tea Party Groups by State

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