Photo Albums

August 28th, Tea Party Manatee co-hosted Michele Bachman rally at Sahib Temple in Sarasota.
Tax Day Tea Party at Mixon Fruit Farm
Candidate Forum: A Q&A with County Commissioner and School Board candidates. May 23, 2010
On Saturday, June 12th Tea Party Manatee's Green Bridge "Be Seen" Rally.
Tea Party Manatee rides in the annual 4th of July parade the full length of Anna Maria Island
Congressman Vern Buchanan Visits Tea Party Manatee at Mixon Fruit Farm
In an effort to educate our community Tea Party Manatee hosed a forum where candidates met the public.
Tea Party Manatee "Get Out the Vote" Rally Saturday August 21, 2010 at the Jesse Miller Park on Manatee Avenue.
Members of Tea Party Manatee participate in the Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C.
Rudy Giuliani introduced Marco Rubio to an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday Oct. 16th 2010