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Published Thursday, November 27, 2014
 I would like to take a different point of view. I believe that president Obama is probably the greatest asset conservative America has. He illustrates among all else what a returned to authoritarian rule would be like. Prior to his election the conservative movement in this country was slowly being eroded by special interests. Since his election we have had the birth of the Tea Party and  the regaining of control of the House of Representatives. With a solid block of constitutional conservatives.
We must come to understand that the leadership of both parties has been corrupted. They have placed the American Constitution in the crosshairs. They did this by corrupting how we elect our three branches of government. They made campaign contributions the main goal of each party. The parties then set out to attract money from whatever sources they could. We note special interest is interested only in their own selfish self-centered goals. The betterment of the American people has been placed in second and third or fourth place to their preconceived notions of what is best for them. Because they placed themselves in the narcissistic position of being the only leadership available.

I am afraid we will have a few more years of insanity. 2008 Obama promised change.
He has lived up to his promises. He destroyed the U.S. Senate's ability to perform its constitutional role with the aid of Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi taught us the importance of reading bills before they are passed. In 2012 the leaders of the Republican party. Showed us once again their inability to hear the American people. They tried another very moderate/socially progressive/candidate.

Once again the people have given Republicans  a second chance. I am not sure the Republican leadership, has heard the message. Yet I am grateful that Obama is to narcissistic to realize that he has been waking up the sleeping dog. {Americanism} Once pride of America is fully awake; it will once again stand guard. Over the Guardian principles outlined in the Constitution. I like the following fathers believed that there was divine guidance. We know from the Old Testament that God got angry at his people. However when ever the people repented and turned back to God they were forgiven and renewed.

One thing, that the leaders of both parties, have forgotten is what I call the mob. Every dictatorship has learned to fear the mob. Many have tried bribery throwing  bread and gold to the people. The problem arises when they run out of bread and gold. Yes there are still small segments of the nation who want their free bread and gold. However, The race and gender wars are running their course. Common sense is slowly returning. We must stick to the Constitution and use it as a battering ram. The American people, have not given up on the American dream. Even those students who have been brainwashed over the past 40 years by progressive\socialistic\Alinsky educational system. Are seeing their children being forced to return home for shelter and sustenance. This system of education dependent on the federal government must be eradicated. Common core has made some very strange bedfellows. The alliance between Bill Gates, the University of Chicago ( Bill Ayres) and presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. When fully exposed will cause a major rift in the controlling interest of the Republican Party. For the past four presidents have been led by corrupted party leadership.

Once again I point out how many of us would've seen all of this if it were not for the Obama progressive agenda. Three years ago I wrote that many of the current leaders of the progressive movement are growing old. They wanted their taste of victory. They no longer were willing to wait and play the slow erosion of our political system. They went for broke, thank God, their lies and deceits have become self evident.

It is now time to push patiently but persistently for new leadership in the Republican party. Obama care can be repealed and Obama's veto can be overridden. There are Democratic Senators up for reelection in 2016, that do not want to run with this lodestone around their neck. Six of them did not support Harry Reid. I pray we all keep asking God for guidance as we push the Republican leadership back to its conservative principles. 
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Published Sunday, November 16, 2014

The people who have entered our country by illegal means are quite insistent that they be referred to as “undocumented workers.” There is a very good reason they wish to be referred to in this manner.

Most of these people who entered illegally are, in fact, documented. They have social security numbers and drivers licenses. Albeit obtained illegally. In purchasing these documents, they have committed a felony. These documents were obtained by stealing the identity of a legal American citizen. This is not a victimless crime.

In addition, they commit another felony when they fill out and sign the federal form I-9 which presents this stolen identity as their own and sign the form attesting that this information is true and correct.

Up to this point, they have committed two felonies.

If they obtain a legitimate job and are obligated to have taxes withheld from their pay - the again lie on the form and usually say that they have 9 dependents so as to not have any Federal Income Tax withheld from their pay check.

For many years I encountered this practice when I was a Federally licensed IRS Enrolled Agent. This criminal behavior escalates when they file their federal tax return. When they pass the “green card test” (illegal documentation) and the “substantial Presence Test”. This last test allows them to be treated as a resident alien if they have been in the US for a few years. Again, this is left up to their honest judgment.

Now, let me tell you what they are entitled to when they file their tax return. First they qualify for the earned income credit. A CREDIT is money the government will pay you even if you owe no tax. A person who claims 3 dependents and earns $13,000 a year is entitled to a credit of $5,700 from the government. In addition, this same person is entitled to a Child Tax Credit of $1,000 per child. Remember, these children, if in fact they exist and if they are a dependent, are all using stolen identities.

So by filing a tax return using falsely obtained documents an illegal alien can pay no taxes and receive a check from the Treasury in the amount of $8,700.

To further compound the illegal activities, these people are entitled to Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance. Their children are entitled to free schooling, free medical, free dental, free school meals (3 per day including summers) free school uniforms.

It costs more to educate these children of illegal aliens because we need ESOL teachers for their classrooms. I am sure there are other benefits that I have omitted but you see the point about calling them undocumented workers.  

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Published Thursday, November 13, 2014

"We should be very concerned about an attempt by the School District to extend the 1/2 cent Sales Tax for capital projects. At the June 24th workshop, the district was informed that $3 million of the 2009a sales tax bond was unaccounted for and that documentation - including emails related to that bond - had disappeared. Under McGonegal, State and Federal auditors repeatedly charged this school district with having undocumented charges and questionable costs... and, as we know, after the board approved having law enforcement investigate the unaccounted for spending of bond funds, this district received a prolonged assault to replace fiscal advocates Carpenter and Aranibar.

The community will not support any extension of the Sales Tax referendum in Manatee County until (1) all funds related to the Bonds are appropriately and accurately accounted for, (2) strict policies and procedures guiding the spending and documentation of such funds is in place, (3) community-member based oversight is restored to monitor the funds, and (4) any criminal misconduct as it relates to the spending of designated funds is prosecuted and those parties involved are permanently removed from the School District."  

James Ferguson


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Published Thursday, June 19, 2014
What the commission is seeking is to find a way to inject itself into a CAUSE where it doesn’t belong and this cause will be expanded and expanded and expanded until everyone is covered by the County-regardless of whether other governmental programs are available or not.  read more»
Published Wednesday, June 18, 2014
"You are attempting to intimidate and chill my speech."  read more»
Published Friday, June 13, 2014
"Until you obey the law of the Constitution, you continue to erode the principles which made America the shining city on the hill where everyone had opportunity if they wanted it. Government charity is a hole that no one ever crawls out of. "  read more»

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