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Report Headline Committee Report Date
New Common Sense Watchdog November 25, 2011
I'm wondering are you out there? Watchdog September 4, 2011
12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty and Freedom Should Watch Their Backs Watchdog October 3, 2011
20 years + in America and they still speak Spanish Watchdog September 3, 2011
2012 is not about Obama; it's a Referendum on the American Idea Watchdog December 27, 2011
A weekly TPM email Watchdog November 25, 2011
America’s front door Watchdog September 11, 2011
And you wonder what's wrong with our budget? Watchdog September 6, 2011
APA Says Pedophilia is Not a Mental Disorder Watchdog August 20, 2011
Are the high costs of food driving Barak Obama's Establishment of the White House Rural Council Watchdog June 24, 2011

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