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Tea Party Manatee Fundraising Committee Mission Statement

 It is our mission to research the wide range of fund-raising products and to consistently select and obtain quality products, at the lowest possible costs, from among those items, those that will serve to ignite the benevolent interests of our funding donors sufficiently to elevate them to an honorable desire to purchase these items at reasonably elevated prices, thus enabling us to provide significant and continuing resources in the funding of the needs and operations of this noble organization.

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Tea Party Manatee Has Two New Apparel Items Available Fundraising July 31, 2010

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Message from the Fundraising Committee Chairman

Greetings to all potential fund-raising gurus:
As the chairman and sole member of the Fund-raising and Sales Committee for Tea Party Manatee, Inc., I could most certainly use some help!
What I am looking for are a few good men, and women, to man the trenches, excite the masses, or TO DO whatever it takes to get some SERIOUS funding pouring into our treasury. Quite frankly I need all the help I can get from all of you bright people who have more than a modicum of an understanding of what it takes to generate voluntarily DONATED funds for this organization!
Without funding, we are severely limited as to how far we can go and what we can accomplish.
As the person who mans the sale's table at the meetings and events, I have been responsible for over ninety percent of the funds that have been raised in the past year. But that is not enough folks!  I can only sell so many T-shirts and Constitutions before I run out of people who need one. So we need new ideas.
I need people with the knowledge and with the willingness to commit themselves to the cause of fundraising.  I need people with ideas! I need people with fund-raising savvy!  I need people with computer skills!  I NEED; sheeze . . . the list is too long!
If you'd like to help, R.S.V.P. to William Benedict at