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Raquel in Your Face!
SET YOUR ALARM!! In one hour listen LIVE to "Imploding the Illusion" with Me and Co-host Efrain Gonzalez, we will be delivering the news you won't hear in the main stream media or read in your local newspaper.
Tonight, we will be talking about the May 17 shoot-out in Waco, Tx where 9 people were shot and killed. Finally, full autopsy reports are being revealed to show that all 9 people were killed with rifle shots.
AT 10PM est: Special Guest author Jason Hoyt is on to discuss his NEW book Consent of the Governed The People's Guide to Holding Government Accountable, and Special Guests Ted Taupier and Shane Gates will be on to discuss their own cases of Government Abuses that are ongoing.
CALL IN NUMBER IS 347-850-1243, Dial 1 for host que. Talk to ya all later! heart emoticon R.
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First Hour: Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez will be discussing the May 17 shoot-out in Waco, TX that left 9 people dead, and 130-plus people in jail. The majority have been released and are telling their stories. Second Hour: Special Guest Jason W. Hoyt will be on to discuss his NEW book Consent of…