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The Revolution
Still demanding a $15/hr minimum wage?? Meet your replacement!
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Bruce KesslerThis has been their goal long before these hard working people wanted a fair wage. Shame on the Tea Party for not supporting a livable wage for hard working Americans. The Tea Party is for the Educated and BIG BUSINESS not the everyday American .9 hours ago
Alice ZieglerBig business has given so many people a starting wage that put in a position to further education and get a better paying job. Our teenagers start out with low paying jobs and learn a good work ethic which helps them get better paying jobs. Where do you suggest young people start out?5 hours ago

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National Review
They have a strategy. They have focus. We do not.
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A chilling scene from Homeland -- and Joe Scarborough's comments following the clip say it all. www.nationalreview.com/article/427088/isis-paris-attacks-war-france-francois-hollande-united-states